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The remnants of the Xeno Division are the VEGA/Alien hybrid ships they left behind. Highly resistant to Alien weaponry and incredibly robust, these resilient ships are the grim legacy left by General Geir prior to his demise. Any pilots who build these ships instantly become a force to be reckoned with.
  — In-Game Description 

Overview[edit | edit source]

This page lists hulls that are manufactured by the Xeno Division. They all have a 40% Alien Damage Resist bonus making them able to withstand alien forces.

The hulls listed on this page are not unlockable via the ship lab, and can only be obtained through their blueprints. All Xeno Division hulls can be unlocked by completing the second run of the Campaign "Training Simulation: Alien Hybrids".

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Punisher Cruiser

General Geir's master of Alien Survival, having massive health capacity. They sacrifice a weapon slot for an additional 1 shield slot while boasting 6 armor slots like the Heretic Cruiser.It is designed to be a tank and be very repair efficient.

Decimator Cutter

The Xeno Division's elite cutter. Capable of high speeds and massive firepower as along with its 5 weapon and 3 special slots has custom equipment that deals extra explosive and alien damage. They also have double the base HP of the Basilisk Cutter, making it able to make quick offensive attacks.

Annihilator Battleship

The Xeno Division's outstanding battleship. The ultimate symbol of firepower with 7 weapon slots and 3 special slots. Very high base health, almost triple that of the Hellfire Battleship, allowing you to wipe out enemies without even a scratch. Also has incredible high base cargo capacity, so much that it carries more than 1 million cargo on it's own.

Exterminator Destroyer

The Xeno Division's top-of-the-line destroyer. With 4 weapons at Mk 1 along with 2 armor slots and 3 special slots, plus bonus forward/strafe speeds, this ship is devastating to player bases and Unknown Outposts alike. Still having the incredible cargo capacity of a Xeno hull, you can rip bases apart with this and have room for large amounts of cargo once you're finished.


The Xeno Division's ship-X hull, a specialist. With the ability to fire at 2 targets at once, have a 360 degree firing arc, and agile speeds, this ship is difficult to escape. Designed to be a protector for your fleets, it also gets a devastating 75% additional squadron damage bonus. This ship can rip apart any fleets caught unprepared.