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VEGA Federation
Field Command and Section Security Chief

Field Command and Section Security Chief Vorzer was a careful commander serving the VEGA Federation who did not underestimate the Miner Rebellion. He lead several field operations reluctantly under Bertram Rumbelow's orders to engage the uprising.

After the failed operations against the Miner Rebellion due to Rumbelow underestimating the rebels and his lack of prudence, he along with Rumbelow was transferred to different sectors and have not been seen since.

History[edit | edit source]

Vorzer is shown to be very careful and is quick not to overestimate his enemies. Vorzer was in charge of supervising the capturing the "mystery voice" in the Retribution event which ended in failure, and is known to be angry at Bertram's overconfidence, and for those who died in the operation.

Vorzer used to be part of VEGA Corporation's powerful military division on Earth but after an unknown event he was court-martialed and was reassigned to Bertram Rumbelow's Command which he then quickly rose through the ranks and became the Section Security Chief and Bertram's right-hand man. He is the secondary antagonist, as he is a key figure in VEGA corporation's military and is responsible for being the head of VEGA Security, and appointing Bishop.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Vorzer was of Asian race, he was very muscular, well built and appeared very serious. He had a serious and prudent attitude and had been sceptical of Rumbelow's competence. He did not taunt his enemies.

Vorzer had cautioned Rumbelow not to underestimate the Miner Rebellion, despite his vigilance, his task fleet was destroyed after investigating the remnants of a destroyed VEGA Mining fleet during the beginning of the uprisings. Although he survived, he was eventually transferred along with Rumbelow.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Vorzer signs his messages with a V.