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These intimidating ships are utilized by VEGA Security, purpose built for hunting down the Rebels. Constructed with versatility in mind, these combat hardened VSec hulls pose a threat to all lower class ships. A truly devastating asset in the hands of a skilled pilot.
  — In-Game Description 

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This page lists hulls that are manufactured by VEGA Security. If you are looking for hulls manufactured by VEGA Mining refer to VEGA Mining Hulls.

The hulls listed on this page are not unlockable via the Ship Lab, and can only be obtained through their blueprints, which can be found in roaming VSec fleets. All VSec hulls can be unlocked by completing the second run of the Campaign "Training Simulation: High Security" except for the one-of-a-kind Blood Raven and the China-exclusive Linton Destroyer and the Soul Battleship.

Eagle Frigate.png

Eagle Frigate

Light, mobile ships with ample firepower and armor.

Corinthian Cruiser-0.png

Corinthian Cruiser

Solid, well armored and versatile with plenty of mass for weapons and equipment.

Lance Destroyer.png

Lance Destroyer

A powerful and versatile destroyer that can be configured to be highly effective in combat against bases and other fleets.

Zeal Battleship.png

Zeal Battleship

A strong, versatile battleship bristling with weapons.


Soul Battleship

A modified Zeal having increase health and speed along with the perks of a Mk V Zeal

Komodo Cutter.png

Komodo Cutter

Very fast and strong, Oriented for PVP against battleships and pursuing enemy fleets.

1 Valkyrie Carrier.jpg

Valkyrie Carrier

A unique and uncommon carrier with phase shift support field. Particularly useful for ships with high shield bypass.

Blood Raven-0.png

Blood Raven

A one of a kind frigate given to Lykaios.wolf, originally belonging to the fugitive Larus.