VEGA Security Base Weapons

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General[edit | edit source]

Miner Rebellion base weapons were developed by VEGA Security as a response to the growing Miner Rebellion. They are one step up over VEGA Mining Base Weapons.

Energy Weapons[edit | edit source]


ECHO Ray Turret

A destructive Energy weapon, firing short-range lasers that can bounce over multiple targets.

Gatling Ray Turret

A short-range Energy weapon with the ability to pierce targets using its powerful energy pellets.

Brutal Gatling Ray Turret

An improved Gatling Ray Turret with extra damage output.

Explosive Weapons[edit | edit source]


SICO Missile Turret

A strong Explosive weapon which shoots a continuous barrage of medium-range missiles with large AoE.

Frenzied SICO Missile Turret

An improved SICO Missile Turret with extra damage output.

NET Torpedo Turret

A special Explosive weapon that can slow down multiple groups of enemies from long range with a spread of stasis orbs.

Vector Torpedo Turret

A highly accurate Explosive weapon. Releases a series of homing torpedoes from long range.

Arc Missile Turret

A long-range Explosive weapon that launches a formation of lightly-damaging missiles. These missiles have extra shield bypass.

Kinetic Weapons[edit | edit source]


AP Driver Turret

A relatively weak Kinetic weapon, but can make up for it with its piercing shells, hitting multiple targets in a line from very long range.

Boosted AP Driver Turret

An improved AP Driver Turret with increased damage output.

Wave Driver Turret

A Kinetic weapon with very long range. Its rounds are specially designed to bypass shields.