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General[edit | edit source]

VEGA Mining modules are the structures/stations that make up the Mining Outposts found in Unstable Sectors. They have been abandoned by VEGA Mining, left for the taking of the Miner Rebellion.

Unlike the Miner Rebellion Modules, these are either all damage dealing or collateral damage holding. There seems to be no research or Fleet Bay of any kind, suggesting that VEGA Mining does its research and holds fleets elsewhere.

VEGA Mining modules will explode when destroyed, damaging other modules within 2 tiles. However, all modules except the Solar Bridge, Solar Special Module and Solar Shard Storage have negligible collateral damage. The Solar Bridge and Special Module instead damage modules within 3 and 4 tiles respectively.

All Modules[edit | edit source]

Solar Bridge Solar Combat Module Solar Special Module Solar Mine Solar Shard Storage

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The VEGA Mining Modules themselves are very fragile, but they deal massive damage to compensate for it.
  • The fact that there is no Fleet Bay suggests that the Mining Outposts were constructed for the sole purpose of mining resources and thus the need for one did not seem warranted.

Gallery[edit | edit source]