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VEGA Mining's main operational hulls. These repurposed mining ships are easily mass produced and can be refit with military technology, making them adept at overwhelming the Rebel's fleets. More experienced Commanders will feel right at home in the cockpit of these obsidian clad hulls.
  — In-Game Description 

Overview[edit | edit source]

The hulls listed here are hulls that are manufactured and fielded by the VEGA Mining Division. For hulls manufactured by VEGA Security, see VEGA Security Hulls. For hulls manufactured by the VEGA Demon Corps, see Demon Corps Hulls.

All hulls listed with the exception of the unobtainable hulls, are only obtainable via blueprints. They cannot be researched in the ship lab, and instead must be acquired through the acquisition of blueprints found by defeating Sector Cargo Fleets of specific levels. These can also be acquired through the spending of event points in an events respective store, assuming the ship is offered as a prize.

With the exception of a few, all of the ships can be upgraded to MK V.

Condor Frigate.png

Condor Frigate

A frigate with moderate armor and firepower. Superior in most aspects to the Nighthawk frigate, but vulnerable to phased weaponry.
Destiny Cruiser.png

Destiny Cruiser

A light, small cruiser that are effective at medium range combat in low levels.

Their small profile allows them to dodge projectiles easier.

Apocrypha Cruiser.png

Apocrypha Cruiser

A strong cruiser with ample mass and armor.

Rapture Cruiser

Originally a Fast and highly agile cruiser, which has since been outclassed by new and stronger ships and thus rarely seen in combat.
Scythe Destroyer.png

Scythe Destroyer

A capable destroyer with sufficient mass and firepower to destroy strong bases.
Dread Battleship.png

Dread Battleship

A versatile battleship that is effective in PvP and against NPC fleets. It has plenty of mass and firepower.

Gharial Cutter

Gharial cutter perform best at point-blank range and still is a reliable cutter as of now. They are only good in PvP combat.
1Ragnarok Carrier.jpg

Ragnarok Carrier

A popular carrier in the game due to its useful support field and high mass. It supports other ships via the agility field which makes farming and PvP much more easier.

1 Javelin Flagship.jpg

Javelin Flagship

A massive, utility flagship that can equip a Wormhole Drive which allows teleportation within the sector. It has minimal weapons and can barely defend itself in combat, and must thus be placed under heavy escort.

VEGA Mining exclusive HULLS[edit | edit source]

The hulls about to be listed are only seen and confirmed to exist in specific circumstances. They are completely unobtainable in any way possible. These hulls are special hulls that VEGA deploys for specific instances, usually during an Event.

Light corvette.png

Swarm Corvette

A very fast hull in the game. Due to this they can easily dodge any unguided projectile weapon which makes them very annoying. They appear in event fleets from time to time, and serve as cannon fodder for the other hulls that come in. They can be distinguished from the Destiny Cruiser due to the fact that they have MK IV textures, but register as unmarked.

Icon 703.png

Suspicious Freighter

A suspicious cargo ship with minimal defences. It has extremely long range weapons which inflict very low damage.