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VEGA Federation
Notable Individuals
"Head Office"

The VEGA Corporation, or more formally known as the VEGA Federation, is a vast, corrupt and oppressive empire originating from Earth, that has spanned dozens of sectors, star systems and planets. They control a colossal array of mining operations including extremely rare, valuable, alien anti-matter resource nodes.

On top of this, they possess tens of thousands of warships in their military fleet and possess massive industrial capability, able to mass produce warships and develop powerful weapons, armor and shields as well as design new, unique and powerful ships.

Their oppressive regime and brutal attacks on miners have lead to an insurgent uprising known as the VEGA Conflict. A huge contingent of miners who no longer tolerate the harshness of the corporation is intent on freeing themselves under the hell of this tyrannical sovereignty.

The VEGA Corporation control a massive region of space with a massive network of mining operations and produce an immense sum of raw materials for the expansion and maintenance of their domain. In orbit of every planet they control is four massive processing complexes, acting as an epicenter for resource processing and transportation and possibly ship construction and maintenance as well as laboratory facilities for the development of new, unique and more powerful weapons and technology than their normal counterparts.

Eventually, it is revealed the whole reason behind the attacks on the miners was not because of financial issues mostly, but in fact, was because that VEGA wished to acquire a very elusive material known as Blood Amber. They were willing to use any means necessary to obtain this material, this included the destruction of rebel bases as well as directly attacking rebel fleets. However, this turned against their will, as the miners didn't tolerate this and started retaliating against the VEGA Corporation, bringing us to VEGA Conflict.

Sub-factions[edit | edit source]

The VEGA Federation consists of 3 known sub-factions.

VEGA Mining
The first sub-faction introduced in VEGA Conflict and is run by Bertram Rumbelow. After the events in Crackdown Rumbelow was ultimately dismissed from his position. This led to the creation of VEGA Security.
VEGA Security
The second sub-faction introduced in VEGA Conflict and is run by Vorzer. Due to the fall of VEGA Mining, this faction was seen as the new military branch in VEGA Corp. After extensive fighting with rebels and the assault from Iron Star Company, Bishop a notable figure of VSec announced the stepping down of VSec and the new arrival of something much bigger...
Demon Corps
The fourth sub-faction introduced in VEGA Conflict it is run by General Geir. After the stepping down of VSec the Demon Corps was tasked with ending the rebellion once and for all. During this, they accidentally discovered the Aliens and controlled them with fear to attack the rebels. Soon after aliens went rogue and rebelled which caused Alien Decimation. VEGA Corp. eventually fired General Geir and since then the Demon Corps wants to end both the Miner Rebellion and the VEGA Corp. once and for all.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The identity of the overall leaders or CEOs of the VEGA Corporation is not known, and has only been vaguely referred to as Head Office by Bertram Rumbelow.