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Kobus Chiron

V-153 was a new A.I. created by the Pharmakon Governance A.I. as part of its objective to repopulate the galaxy and purge the Xeno Virus. Surprisingly, it is not bounded to the governance A.I.'s will, and offered to help the Miner Rebellion in exchange for allowing her to accompany them.

History[edit | edit source]

In Singularity she was created by the Pharmakon Governance A.I., and can thus be considered to be that AI's daughter. She attacked the Umbra abandoned facility when the rebels invaded, but later went turncoat in Pursuit and offered the rebels the blueprint for the Vector in exchange for them allowing her to accompany her.

She was later disabled and taken by the Umbra in Hijack, and the rebels move quickly to rescue her in Infiltration. Her plasma beams were then used by Dr. Kobus Chiron to restrain the alien mothership so he can extract samples and continue his research on it. She feels that the Rebels' attempt to rescue her is unneeded in Retaliation, as she is in full support of Chiron's work to combat the Xeno Plague, even going as far as to claim that he has validated her mother's synthetic matter program.

In Zenith, Keres VII and Ny'tah launch a combined assault on Chiron's facility, and in order to save Chiron, she valiantly takes an attack from Keres that was meant for him, and she was thus vaporised in the process. Chiron was then later taken into custody by Shadow Wraith.

Profile[edit | edit source]

V-153 is an Android, possessing a fully robotic body. its technology is highly advanced, courtesy of the Pharmakon. She is claimed to wield immense power, as claimed by Rhea Dage saying she has immense firing power. She is capable of firing high intensity Plasma Beams to burn or restrain a target.

She has a playful personality, considering the struggles of the rebels an adventure.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • V-153 somewhat resembles RUBI from War Commander.

Gallery[edit | edit source]