Tatiana Demina

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Tatiana Demina
Iron Star Company
Second in Command

Tatiana Demina is the second in command of the Iron Star Company, and has followed her queen Keres VII alongside many of the Iron Star Company soldiers willingly into battle alongside the rebels, even after Keres' supposed demise during the events of the Xeno Division.

She doesn't seem to trust the rebels a lot, as evidenced by her naming of the Miner Rebellion as incompetent.

History[edit | edit source]

Having fought alongside Keres and the rebels since the events of VEGA Security, Tatiana Demina has witnessed many of the events of VEGA Conflict that unfolded.

She starts to play a prominent rule in Chrysalis, where she was contacted by Burr to help find Keres VII after she escaped. She agreed, but called the rebels incompetent, claiming that had they known this, they would have come to protect her. Her remnants of the Iron Star Company recovered plans for the Manticore Battlecruiser, and offered it to the rebels on the condition that they manage to find Keres.

In Catalyst, She informs the rebels that Keres has stolen a Harvester from the Altairians and used it to attack Umbra HQ in a suicide mission as revenge for the experiments that were conducted on her. She advised them to evacuate prisoners out of the way while she rescued Keres from her suicidal attempt.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Tatiana Demina has a different appearance from Keres VII, and is more resembling of a human. She is usually seen smoking a cigarette.

As a Fleet Commander, she is revealed to have high prowess in fleet combat, being a master tactician and pilot. She grants additional Shield Energy, Blight Resistance, Cannon DPS and health damage to the fleet that she's assigned to.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tatiana Demina seems to be of Western descent.

Gallery[edit | edit source]