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Miner Rebellion

Sybil is an artificial intelligence entity who assists the Miner Rebellion by giving them direction in their uprising efforts, she manifests as a hologram. She is perfectly capable of emotions and thought just like any human. She is loyal to the rebels.

History[edit | edit source]

An artificial Intelligence who is frequently giving story line related missions and updates. Prior to her rebel support, she was actually a VEGA Federation programmed A.I, but was turned over to be more friendly with the rebellion.

She initially delivered messages from the Mystery Voice to rebels and intercepted messages from the VEGA Federation to all miners, and is one of the head, supporting figures of the Miner Rebellion. She, along with Burr, also gives out daily missions after your Bridge reaches level III. You can see her hologram giving orders to The Bridge workers.

She often appears in feature event videos and offers her perspective on developing situations prior to major events.

She was discovered in Defiance to be behind the A.X.I.S. Mutiny, and was the one who framed Rhea Dage, although it seems that she was forced to do it as her systems were breached, causing an admin override. Whoever caused her to do so, remains to be known.

When her protocols was overwritten, she had orders to steal A.X.I.S. technology by dividing the rebels (which she did via mutiny), and then isolating and capturing Rhea Dage (which was done by framing her), and then bringing Rhea to the Unstable Sector where she would broadcast her intergalactic coordinates, most likely for the villain who manipulated her to pick her up.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Attractive and clever, Sybil has a devious but informative personality. She is loyal to her commander often briefing them of upcoming events and her opinions whether if she trusts certain people.

She was also very cunning, as she framed Rhea Dage as the perpetrator of the A.X.I.S. Mutiny, knowing that isolating her from the Miner Rebellion would make her capture much more easier.

In her hologram manifestation, she wears a tight skin suit with orange outlines.

With the introduction of the Fleet Commanders, it is revealed that she is adept at resource extraction. She grants fleets that are assigned to her resource-related bonuses in the form of additional Helium-3/Mineral Ore, and cargo capacity. She joined their ranks when rebels completed their pilot training.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sybil's original appearance was created by a person with the nickname "DNA-1". You can find their DeviantArt online.

Gallery[edit | edit source]