Suspicious Freighter

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[The Suspicious Freighter] carries suspected Alien tech intel onboard.
  — Event Video 

General[edit | edit source]

Suspicious Freighter
Basic Information
VEGA Mining
Sector Flagship
Slot Configuration Spaceship.png
Specifications Notepad.png
Firing Arc
90 + 90°
Ship Speed
Rear Speed
Unknown m/s
Unknown m/s2
Modifiers Wrench.png
VEGA Suspicious Cargo (40-70)

The Suspicious Freighter is a cargo ship employed by VEGA Mining to carry Alien technology which they had experimented on and lost control of, during the events of Alien Decimation.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Suspicious Freighter is armed with Disruptor Rays for self-defense. Although it has a battleship firing arc with an extremely long range capable of drastically outranging carriers, the weapons themselves deal very little damage, making this ship a sitting duck.

To compensate for this, VEGA Corporation always places a heavy escort with the ship, consisting of three Mk V Basilisk Cutters, two Hellfire Battleships and two Damocles Destroyers. The VEGA Suspicious Cargo fleet itself is also guarded by four aggressive and heavily armed Demon Corps Escort fleets, although fast-moving fleets can intercept the cargo before the escort fleets have a chance to respond.

Moreover, this ship has a lot of health and shields, which can make it relatively hard to destroy in the short time window considering players only have three minutes to destroy the entire fleet, using most of the time to deal with the escorting ships. Due to the ship's long range, it tends to stay far behind enemy lines, causing you to waste even more time catching up to it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is arguably the largest hull currently in the game along with the Alien Harvester.
  • When destroyed, the VEGA Suspicious Freighter explodes in 3 sections, unlike a normal hull which only has 1 explosion.
  • The VEGA Suspicious Freighter has not been seen ever since Alien Decimation underwent a revamp.

Gallery[edit | edit source]