Spectral Corvette

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Spectral Corvette   Xeno Corvette   Plasma Corvette

Spectral Corvettes are warped into combat and can be ordered to attack enemies regardless of the status of the parent ship.
  — Fan-made Description 

Stats[edit | edit source]

Spectral Corvette I
Charge Time 5 s
Spawn Interval 45 s
Spawn Rate 4
Spawn Limit 4
Surge Beam 1
Appears in Altairian Skirmisher (103-111)

General[edit | edit source]

This spawner can sustain up to four Altairian Corvettes each equipped with a single Surge Beam. Unlike player spawners, spawned ships are not automatically destroyed when the parent is defeated.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Unless you destroy the spawner it will continue to warp in Altairian Corvettes, making it a priority target. While the Corvettes deal little damage, they have very low range and tend to stay in a ship's blind spot, making them difficult to destroy.

It is notable that the Corvettes lack resistance to Alien Nebula Fields, thus luring them into the field will cause them to auto-destruct.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Spectral Corvette was first seen in Altairian Skirmisher targets.
  • This spawner has an orange warp animation, in contrast to the green colour seen for the Alien spawners.

Gallery[edit | edit source]