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Clan Leader

Skoll is the leader of the Golden Wolves, a well-known Marauder Clan which has since absorbed a rival clan known as the Scryptics into them during a recent clan war.

History[edit | edit source]

Skoll instigated a war with the Scryptics and his Golden Wolves, and was successful in absorbing the Scryptics into his own ranks. Rhea Dage has since made contact with him, and found out that the Marauders do not like having their Solar Shards stolen by the Miner Rebellion.

He sympathized with Rhea Dage's cause, but could not allow Algol to be killed at her hands due to his status, instead offering any one of his crew instead. Rhea politely declined, saying it wasn't her way of justice.

Later, when Rhea deciphered the carvings in Algol's quarters, he talked Rhea into building the device that the carvings described. The Device however resonated with the Blood Amber and Algol, causing worm-like creatures to emerge. After destroying the device and worms, Skoll is now watching over Algol, who was left in a critical condition.

Profile[edit | edit source]

While an official image is not available, Skoll is described by Rhea Dage to be an extremely tall man, 7 foot tall. He also wears bear skin and an eye patch. He is extremely strong as well, as although Rhea beat him in an arm wrestle, she needed to replace some parts to regain fine motor control, hinting that she injured herself in the process.

He has odd rituals, such as towing a skeleton behind his ship, known as a 'Trevor'.

He is sympathetic to Rhea's cause, as evidenced by him convincing Rhea to build the device from the carvings.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Skoll is the first Marauder Character introduced.