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Singularity   Singularity (Bounty)

EVENT OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

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Evi'tah has offered to help with Pharmakon but at what cost? No such thing as a free meal in the void. Keep an eye on the Altairians. She knows more than she's letting on.
  — Burr 

Evi’tah has uncovered Pharmakon creating a custodian for the universe- a synthetic entity separate from the Pharmakon hivemind. Seen in Singularity for the first time, the Altairian Ajax has been dispatched by Evi’tah to wipe out the Pharmakon Fleets - earn 8 Ajax Blueprint Pieces to unlock the Ajax by attacking Altairian Paviser Fleets or by using Event Points in the Event Store. Cascade Missiles I-II & Resolute Shield I-III Blueprint Pieces are also featured in Singularity through Blueprint Piece Loot Drops. Certain targets also drop leaderboard points - score a top personal leaderboard rank to earn Shockwave Resonant Armor IV RI’s and/or Blood Amber.

DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

Singularity is the 65th Event in VEGA Conflict. It introduces the first Altairian T8 Hull, Ajax.

EVENT QUOTES[edit | edit source]



An "android" you say? well that explains our data. It's registering as a separate entity from Pharmakon's hive mind. It is a sentient being. For millenia, Pharmakon have created synthetic replicas to transplant organic consciousness. According to their protocols, they must protect the custodians of the universe. Now they have their own, both our species will no longer be of any use to them.

Clearly this task was beyond your capabilities. I will send a fleet of Ajax to clean up this Pharmakon mess before it gets out of hand.


Whoa! The new ships the priestess is sending over are loaded with cool tech. It absorbs the damage taken by allies. We have got to add this to our arsernal!
 Rhea Dage 


While you pesky Rebels have been running errands for that old hag, Keres has proven to be a worthy asset. She has delivered on her promise. Now my brother's death will be avenged. It'll serve you well to follow her lead instead of siding with the Ancients. There's a reason my family abandoned our home sector.

EVENT DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

END TIME 3:00 pm PST
START DATE December 5th, 2019
END DATE December 9th, 2019
EVENT TYPE Attack Altairian Paviser, Pharmakon Codec, Umbra Obsidian, Pharmakon Malware, Umbra Abandoned Facility, Altairian Skirmisher, Umbra Onyx, Umbra Zircon, Umbra Overlord, Altairian Hobiler, Altairian Armati, Altairian Marquis, Altairian Subaltern, Altairian Esquire (EX), Pharmakon Protocol, Pharmakon Bot, Pharmakon Glitch, Pharmakon Prime, Pharmakon Overwrite, Umbra Siren (EX), Umbra Siren (BL), Umbra Onslaught, Umbra Hellfire, Umbra Pursuer, Umbra Infected Outpost, Pharmakon Quarantined Fortress
Defend Pharmakon Runner
ANTAGONIST Umbra, Pharmakon, Altairians
EVENT DURATION 4 days Event Store Closes on December 10th, 2019

EVENT PRIZES[edit | edit source]

Blueprints Amount of Intel
Glance Cannon I BPP 2,500
Zephyr Thruster I BPP
Nova Missile I BPP 4,500
Glance Cannon II BPP 7,500
Zephyr Thruster II BPP
Ablative Tungsten Armor I BPP 10,000
Thonian Armor I BPP
Nova Missile II BPP 11,000
Glance Cannon III BPP 12,500
Zephyr Thruster III BPP
24h Xeno Division Ship Refit / Ship Build / Craft Token (Max. 6/ea) 15,000
Nova Missile III BPP 17,000
Pyro Myr I BPP
Ablative Tungsten Armor II BPP 17,500
Thonian Armor II BPP
Paragon Battleship MK II Crafting Box (Max. 30)
Explosive ECHO/Pierce/Stasis Resistor (Max. 12) 25,000
24h A.X.I.S. Ship Refit / Ship Build / Craft Token (Max. 6/ea)
Explosive Weapon Disruption Resistor RI (Max. 12) 30,000
Explosive Siphon Resistor RI (Max. 12)
Shockwave Resonant Armor RI (Max. 12)
Zeus Mk II Box (Max. 30)
Aerico Mk II Box (Max. 30)
Aerico BPP
Zeus BPP
Spectronics/Pyrochemistry/Gravimetrics Elements
Plexus Carrier Mk II Box (Max. 30) 35,000
Pyro Myr II BPP
Alien/Blight/Plasma Elements 50,000
Plexus Carrier BPP 62,500
Pyro Myr III BPP 65,000
Valrayvn BPP 75,000
Operator BPP
Ajax BPP
Nova Missile I Credit (Max. 4) 100,000
Ablative Tungsten Armor I Credit (Max. 3)
Thonian Armor I Credit (Max. 3_
Pyro Zealot I BP 125,000
Hammer Missile I RI (Max. 12) 150,000
Pyro Zealot II BP 250,000
Hammer Missile II RI (Max. 12) 300,000
Pyro Zealot III BP 500,000
Ogre Battleship Hull 1,500,000

Target Payouts[edit | edit source]

Target Level Altairian Hobiler (Blitz) Altairian Armati (Blitz) Pharmakon Glitch (Blitz)
70 800 + 20-25x Paragon Fragments --- ---
75 1,800 + Paragon Mk III Box --- ---
81 4,000 + Paragon Mk IV Box --- ---
85 --- 10,000 + Paragon Mk V Box ---
90 --- --- 25,000 + 30-50x Anthracite Munition I Fragments + 10-20x Plasma
91 --- 25,000 + 10-15x Paragon Elite Fragments ---

Target Level Umbra Hellfire (Blitz) Altairian Subaltern (Blitz) Umbra Onslaught (Blitz) Umbra Infected Outpost (Blitz) Altairian Esquire EX (Blitz) Umbra Siren EX (Blitz) Umbra Siren BL (Blitz)
94 --- 40,000 + 15-30x Glance Cannon IV Fragments + 15-30x Alien 40,000 + 15-30x Nighthawk Drone III Fragments + 15-30x Blight 40,000 + 15-30x Nighthawk Wing III Fragments + 15-30x Blight --- 40,000 + 15-30x Pyro Myr IV Fragments + 15-30x Pyrochemistry 40,000 + 15-30x Blight Myr IV Fragments + 15-30x Pyrochemistry
98 100,000 + 25-50x Hammer Missile III Fragments + 25-50x Blight --- --- --- 100,000 + 25-50x Pyro Zealot IV Fragments + 25-50x Xeno --- ---

Target Level Pharmakon Bot (Blitz) Pharmakon Quarantined Fortress (Blitz) Pharmakon Prime (Blitz)
90 25,000 + 6-15x Node Armor I Fragments + 10-20x Plasma --- ---
94 --- 40,000 + 15-30x Nightingale Wing III Fragments + 15-30x Plasma ---
98 100,000 + 25-50x Binary Torpedo IV Fragments + 25-50x Plasma --- 100,000 + 25-50x Kaon Driver III Fragments + 25-50x Plasma

Target Level Pharmakon Protocol Altairian Marquis Umbra Overlord
91 25,000 + Plexus Mk III Box + 10-20x Plasma 25,000 + Zeus Mk III Box + 10-20x Alien 25,000 + Aerico Mk III Box + 10-20x Blight
95 40,000 + Plexus Mk IV Box + 15-30x Plasma 40,000 + Zeus Mk IV Box + 15-30x Alien 40,000 + Aerico Mk IV Box + 15-30x Blight
99 100,000 + Plexus Mk V Box + 25-50x Plasma 100,000 + Zeus Mk V Box + 25-50x Alien 100,000 + Aerico Mk V Box + 25-50x Blight

Drops marked with (Tn), where n is an integer, are categorized into blueprint sets. Players are required to have unlocked the majority of a set before those from the next set can drop. Some blueprints appear in multiple tiers, meaning that they can be obtained from defeating fleets within a broader level bracket.

Target Level Umbra Onyx Altairian Paviser Pharmakon Malware Umbra Zircon (Blitz) Pharmakon Codec (Blitz) Umbra Abandoned Facility (Blitz)
94 40,000 + 1-2x Valrayvn BPP (T0) 40,000 + 1-2x Ajax BPP (T0) 40,000 + 1-2x Operator BPP (T0) --- --- ---
96 55,000 + 2-4x Valrayvn BPP (T0) + 1-2x Nova Driver I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Ablative Carapace I BPP (T1) 55,000 + 2-4x Ajax BPP (T0) + 1-2x Cascade Missile I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Resolute Shield I BPP (T1) 55,000 + 2-4x Operator BPP (T0) + 1-2x Paroxysm Cannon I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Mesh Screen I BPP (T1) --- --- ---
98 100,000 + 4x Valrayvn BPP (T0) + 2-4x Nova Driver I BPP (T1) + 2-4x Ablative Carapace I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Nova Driver II BPP (T2) + 1-2x Ablative Carapace II BPP (T2) 100,000 + 4x Ajax BPP (T0) + 2-4x Paroxysm Cannon I BPP (T1) + 2-4x Mesh Screen I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Cascade Missile II BPP (T2) + 1-2x Resolute Shield II BPP (T2) 100,000 + 4x Operator BPP (T0) + 2-4x Paroxysm Cannon I BPP (T1) + 2-4x Mesh Screen I BPP (T1) + 1-2x Paroxysm Cannon II BPP (T2) + 1-2x Mesh Screen II BPP (T2) --- --- ---
104 --- --- --- 125,000 + 15-30x Ablative Carapace III Fragments 125,000 + 15-30x Resolute Shield III Fragments 125,000 + 15-30x Mesh Screen III Fragments
106 --- --- --- 175,000 + 25-50x Nova Driver III Fragments --- 175,000 + 25-50x Paroxysm Cannon III Fragments
Target Level Altairian Skirmisher Umbra Obsidian
103 125,000 + 4-5x Valrayvn Mk II Patterns 125,000 + 4-5x Operator Mk II Patterns
105 150,000 + 4-5x Valrayvn Mk III Patterns 150,000 + 4-5x Operator Mk III Patterns
107 175,000 + 4-5x Valrayvn Mk IV Patterns 175,000 + 4-5x Operator Mk IV Patterns
109 200,000 + 7-9x Valrayvn Mk V Patterns 200,000 + 7-9x Operator Mk V Patterns
111 250,000 + 10-13x Valrayvn Elite Patterns 250,000 + 10-13x Operator Elite Patterns

Target Level Umbra Pursuer b Pharmakon Overwrite
102 125,000 + 15-20x Incendiary Corpus III Fragments, 25-30x Blight 125,000 + 15-20x Nightingale Drone III Fragments, 30-50x Plasma

Note, * means not 100% chance

For more information on the event targets, click here.

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