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General[edit | edit source]

Screens are an alternative defense that came along with the Pharmakon faction.

Screens are similar to shields in terms of protection: instead of Shield Energy, Phase Energy is used to protect the ship or module from harm. A major difference between the two is that Phase Energy can recharge even when fully depleted; in fact, Phase Energy can passively increase and decrease (see below). The Phase Energy capacity is denoted as the Screen Energy.

Effects which target shields do not apply to screens. This includes Shield Damage, Shield Bypass, Shield Defense, and so on. Moreover, Shield Mass and Shield Energy modifiers do not apply to screens.

It is important to note that Screen Energy, like shields, automatically regenerate to maximum capacity outside of combat (except for destroyed ships), unlike Ablative Armor.

Screen resistance functions identically to that of shields: it is not affected by resistances that target Health.

Relation to Phasing[edit | edit source]

Screens are unique in that they enable the use of Phasing: the stats Phase Screen Charge and Phase Screen Drain govern how often the entire fleet or base enters and exits Phase State. At the start of battle, the fleet or base starts with zero Phase Energy, and gains Phase Energy equivalent to the Phase Screen Charge stat per second. Once Phase Energy reaches the current Phase Screen Energy, Phase State is entered. Then, Phase Energy is lost equivalent to the Phase Screen Drain stat per second until it once again reaches zero, at which point Phase State is exited.

Whenever the ship or module is hit, Phase Energy is reduced according to the amount of damage taken. If incoming damage causes Phase Energy to be fully depleted, excess damage is then dealt directly to health. If a ship or module with Screen Energy is destroyed, the group's Screen Energy is reduced by the same amount; Phase Energy is subsequently reduced proportionally, while Phase Screen Charge and Phase Screen Drain are also adjusted to use the new Screen Energy value.

Notwithstanding damage taken, the duration which a fleet or base remains out of Phase State is equal to the reciprocal of Phase Screen Charge, while the duration which it remains in Phase State is equal to the reciprocal of Phase Screen Drain.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Phasing has undergone a major revamp in the early November 2019 update, which drastically changed the function of screen-related stats:
    • Screen Energy, Phase Screen Charge and Phase Screen Drain is now group (fleet)-based instead of individual (ship)-based. Modifiers are stacked across the entire group.
    • The role of damage absorber has been passed on from Screen Energy to Phase Energy.
      • Taking damage now reduces Phase Energy in the same manner that it previously reduced Screen Energy.
      • Excess damage that causes the Phase Energy to fall below zero directly damages the health in the same manner as when Screen Energy is fully depleted.
    • Phase Threshold, the minimum Screen Energy required to enter Phase State, has been abolished.


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