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AI created by an ancient race to govern its citizens. the AI worked flawlessly until the Xeno plague systematically devoured their sector. Unable to contain the infection, the Pharmakon's ultimate solution was to sterilize all living matter. Pharmakon tech has Phasing capabilities with weapons that cause damage over time.
  — In-Game Description 

Overview[edit | edit source]

This page lists hulls that are manufactured by the Pharmakon.

The hulls listed on this page are not unlockable via the Ship Lab and are only available via blueprints or Crafting. The Tier 7 ships' blueprints can be obtained from ships in the Pharmakon Sector, while the Tier 8 ships can be obtained through claiming of the prizes in event stores during the presence of an event, or from fleets that can be encountered in the AXIS Sector when an event is active. The Dreadnoughts are a special case, as they must be assembled through Crafting by gathering enough Fragments. Upgrade recipes are automatically unlocked when the materials are obtained.

Tier 7 Hulls[edit | edit source]


Trojan Cruiser

A technologically advanced hull designed to wreak havoc in combat with its damage resistances. It also gains a speed boost while phased. Also boosts the effect of DoT on weapons equipped to it.

Daemon Battleship

An advanced Battleship capable of causing catastrophic damage while entering and exiting phase state. Also grants a piercing and missile speed boost to torpedo weapons.

Inhibitor Battlecruiser

A fast and swift hull designed for close-quarters combat. Utilizes Ablative Suppression technology when exiting phase state to prevent Umbra Hulls from regenerating their defenses.


A nimble specialist hull capable of dealing large amounts of damage via its boosts to DoT and its Omega Beam.

Plexus Carrier

The Nexus of a Pharmakon fleet, capable of providing long range support with its Laser Array, Enfeeble Field and Phase Sync.

Segfault Dreadnought

A Gargantuan Flagship that carries out the will of the Pharmakon. Grants extra DPS and Armor health to all armors and weapons equipped to it. Also can inflict hefty DoT as well as gain extreme maneuverability while phased.

Tier 8 Hulls[edit | edit source]



An improvement to the Pharmakon's already swift Inhibitor Battlecruiser, boasting the ability to boost its fire rate when it exits phase, while retaining its extremely fast movement speed and agility. The first fighter class hull in existence.


A Pharmakon Hull designed for long range combat, bombarding enemies from afar with its long maximum range as well as Fracture overdrive.


A Hulking Pharmakon Brute designed for mid range combat. Emits powerful Plasma shockwaves when emerging from phase and launches drones for additional damage output and defense.

Zettabyte Dreadnought

The direct successor to the Segfault, A massive capital ship capable of unleashing chaos on the battlefield with its onboard weaponry while debilitating its opponents and repositioning itself.