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Pathfinder Corvette   Pathfinder Corvette Builds

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Pathfinder Corvette is the simplest example for ship building. Before you read on, please check out the main page for ship builds here.

The build shown below is the one you should use in order to maximize your ship's effectiveness.

List of Builds[edit | edit source]

Basic Builds[edit | edit source]

The Best Pathfinder
Best Pathfinder Corvette.png
Setup OFFENSE WeaponSlot.png
1x Pulse Ray I (Pre-researched, Tier 1.0)
DEFENSE ArmorSlot.png
1x Plasteel II (Ship Lab I, Tier 1.0)
OTHERS SpecialSlot.png
Combat Strength 174
Overall Range 0-2,750 m
Strengths Can't really get any better than this
Weaknesses None in particular
Description The mathematically most effective build.
Notes None