Nightmare: Doomsday

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EVENT OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

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Override Class IX: Nightmare Protocol

***BREAK***Remaining hostile elements exhibiting greatly increased power.***BREAK***Augmented supplies available for top-marked vessels who engage.

DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

Nightmare: Doomsday is a much more tougher version of the Doomsday Event, featuring only higher level targets, but much greater rewards. This event is meant for top end and paying players.

EVENT DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

END TIME 3:00 pm PST
START DATE June 12, 2018
END DATE June 13, 2018
EVENT TYPE Attack (Blitz) Altairian Mothership, (Blitz) Altairian Fortress
Defend Alien Aggressor
ANTAGONIST Altairians (Oligarchs)
DEUTERAGONIST Miner Rebellion, Altairians (Heralds)
EVENT DURATION 4 days Event Store Closes on June 14, 2018

EVENT PRIZES[edit | edit source]

Classic Equipment Prizes Amount of Intel
Xeno Shell I BP 200,000
Spectral Shell I Credit (Max. 50) 250,000
Beam Overcharge Capacitor I Credit (Max. 50)
Zephyr Thruster I Credit (Max. 50)
Cyclotron Beam I RI Credit (Max. 30)
Bastion Mk II Box (Max. 50)
Paragon Mk II Box (Max. 50)
Cavalier Mk II Box (Max. 50)
Inquisitor Mk II Box (Max. 50)
Energy ECHO Resistor I RI (Max. 50) 320,000
Enguard Overdrive Generator RI (Max. 3)
Heavy Surge Beam III RI (Max. 50)
Cyclotron Beam II RI (Max. 30) 350,000
Xeno Shell II Blueprint 400,000
Spectral Shell II Credit (Max. 50) 500,000
Beam Overcharge Capacitor II Credit (Max. 50)
Zephyr Thruster II Credit (Max. 50)
Resonant Armor I Credit (Max. 50)
Spectral Shell III Credit (Max. 50) 750,000
Beam Overcharge Capacitor III Credit (Max. 50)
Zephyr Thruster III Credit (Max. 50)
Resonant Armor II Credit (Max. 50)
Xeno Epsilon ECHO Cannon III RI (Max. 50)
Xeno Shell III Blueprint 800,000
Xeno Surge Beam IV Credit (Max. 50) 1,000,000

Old Hull Blueprint Prizes Amount of Intel
Inquisitor Destroyer Blueprint 2,000,000
Sovereign Carrier Blueprint 2,500,000
Bastion Cruiser Mk III Hull (Max. 6) 20,000,000

(subsequently changed to 10,000,000)

Cavalier Cutter Mk III Hull (Max. 6)

Target Payouts[edit | edit source]

Target Level Blitz Altairian Mothership Blitz Altairian Fortress Altairian Mothership Altairian Fortress
80 180,000 180,000 200,000 + 2x Paragon Mk III Box + 10x XLancer Fragments 200,000 + 2x Inquisitor Mk III Box + 10x XSai Fragments
90 315,000 + 6x Bastion Elite Fragments + 15x XEpsilon Fragments 315,000 + 6x Inquisitor Elite Fragments + 15x XLancer Fragments 350,000 + 3x Paragon Mk III Box + 30x XLancer Fragments 350,000 + 3x Inquisitor Mk III Box + 30x XSai Fragments
100 --- --- 750,000 + 3x Paragon Mk IV Box + 50x XLancer Fragments + 50x Inquisitor Elite Fragments 750,000 + 3x Inquisitor Mk IV Box + 50x XSai Fragments + 50x Paragon Elite Fragments
110 --- --- 1,500,000 + 4x Paragon Mk V Box + 100x XLancer Fragments + 100x Inquisitor Elite Fragments 1,500,000 + 4x Inquisitor Mk V Box + 100x XSai Fragments + 100x Paragon Elite Fragments

For more information on the event targets, click here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first Nightmare Event.
  • There was no hint of this event coming until CM Lee Announced it.
  • The difficulty of the targets still remains the same, despite the claims that the difficulty was turned up, thus it could mean only high level targets were spawning (Levels 80-110)

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