Miner Rebellion Ship Weapons

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General[edit | edit source]

Miner Rebellion ship weapons were developed by the Miner Rebellion and are rather rudimentary. Nevertheless, rebels are strongly encouraged to research and use these weapons as they progress through the game.

Most Miner Rebellion ship weapons can be researched in the Arms Lab. Prefixed weapons can only be obtained from certain events in limited amounts.

Energy Weapons[edit | edit source]


Pulse Ray

Basic Energy weapon. Emits energy pulses that travel limited range with a moderate cooldown time.

Boosted Pulse Ray

An improvement to the Pulse Ray, having additional shield damage.

Disruptor Ray

Strong but short-ranged Energy weapon. Shoots a set of destructive lasers with slightly shorter cooldown.

Polaron Ray

An Energy weapon that exchanges damage for greatly increased range. Discharges a volley of energy rays with long cooldown.

Repeating Polaron Ray

An improvement to the Polaron Ray, featuring the ability to bounce across multiple targets. Its primary damage has been secretly reduced to compensate for this.

Explosive Weapons[edit | edit source]


Scatter Missile

Basic Explosive weapon. Launches a volley of missiles at medium range, dealing damage to multiple enemies at once with its Area of Effect (AoE).

Frenzied Scatter Missile

An improvement to the Scatter Missile, with increased projectile speed and AoE.

HEX Missile

Explosive weapon with decent range and firepower. Releases a volley of glowing orbs which deal AoE damage.

Frenzied HEX Missile

An improvement to the HEX Missile, with increased projectile speed and AoE.

Fusion Torpedo

Long-range Explosive weapon that deploys slow-moving torpedoes with a lengthy reload. They have high destructive potential but can be dodged easily.

Kinetic Weapons[edit | edit source]


Rail Driver

Basic Kinetic weapon. Fires small projectiles from medium range, which can be easily dodged.

Gauss Driver

Improvised Kinetic weapon with increased range and firepower. Fires modest projectiles that can be easily dodged.

Precise Gauss Driver

An improvement to the Gauss Driver, featuring greatly increased range.

Mass Driver

Long-range Kinetic weapon with significant firepower. Fires large, slow-moving projectiles.