Miner Rebellion Hulls

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Forced to make do with any parts they can get their hands on, these makeshift hulls are built from the blood, sweat and tears of the Rebel Miners. These hulls are limited in technological advancements, but are incredibly cheap to produce. Perfect for new recruits to the rebellion.
  — In-Game Description 

Overview[edit | edit source]

Miner Rebellion hulls are beginner to mid level ships that players can research at the ship laboratory and build. They are all designed and built by the Miner Rebellion and feature less mass and special attributes in comparison to other ships from different factions. They are faster to build and the materials needed to upgrade ships through the crafting system are easier to procure.

[edit | edit source]

Corvette Class Corvettes are very light ships, they can fire in any direction.
Pathfinder Corvette.png

Pathfinder Corvette

A beginner grade corvette. They are the weakest ships in game but they cannot be built.
Voyager Corvette.png

Voyager Corvette

A stronger variant of the Pathfinder corvette, these are quickly replaced by other stronger ships.

[edit | edit source]

Frigate Class

Frigates are very agile ships, but may only fire forwards.
Harrier Frigate.png

Harrier Frigate

The first frigate in the rebel arsenal.

Superior to the Voyager Corvette in every aspect.

Talon Frigate.png

Talon Frigate

The second frigate in the rebel arsenal.

It has greater mass then the Harrier frigate.

Nighthawk Frigate.png

Nighthawk Frigate

The third and final frigate in the rebel arsenal.

Powerful, agile attack frigate.

Osprey Frigate.png

Osprey Frigate

Unique frigate that sacrifices firepower for utility.

Very rarely seen, due to having been released only twice.

[edit | edit source]

Cruiser Class

Slower, bulkier ships with a focus on surviving damage and fighting at the front line.

Cruisers have a wide firing arc.

Genesis Cruiser.png

Genesis Cruiser

The first cruiser in the rebel arsenal. Has more health and armor slots then other tier I ships.
Exodus Cruiser.png

Exodus Cruiser

The second cruiser in the rebel arsenal. Boasts much higher health then a Genesis cruiser, as well as greater firepower.

They make decent decoys for basing at low levels and can also be used in rush fleets.

Revulation Cruiser.png

Revelation Cruiser

The third and final cruiser in the rebel arsenal. Has the highest health of any rebel ship.

They can take a huge amount of damage and make excellent basing decoys.

[edit | edit source]

Destroyer Class

Slow, fragile ships which boast 150% range increase on their weapons. Destroyers can only fire forwards and have a short arc.
Longbow Destroyer.png

Longbow Destroyer

The first destroyer in the rebel arsenal.

Can be used as a sniper when equipped with projectile weapons. Very important for hitting bases.

Browdsword Destroyer.png

Broadsword Destroyer

The second destroyer in the rebel arsenal.

Very common multi-purpose ship, used for basing, FvF, and VEGA fleet hunting. Gains a shield at mark III.

Trident Destroyer Unity.png

Trident Destroyer

The third and final destroyer in the rebel arsenal.

Powerful mid level basing ship, which also makes a decent sniper. First destroyer to come with a shield slot at Mark I.

Nexus Destroyer.png

Nexus Destroyer

A destroyer of the ancient past. More powerful then the broadsword destroyer, but is very rarely seen, due to the fact it can't be upgraded through Crafting.

[edit | edit source]

Battleship Class

Powerful and versatile ships with a focus on firepower and mobility. Inherits a 125% range boost on it's weapons, and has dual firing arcs on it's sides.
Rancor Battleship.png

Rancor Battleship

The first battleship in the rebel arsenal.

A versatile ship for PvP and PvE.

Venom Battleship.png

Venom Battleship

The second battleship in the rebel arsenal.

A much more powerful combat vessel with increased mass and more powerful weapons.

Fury Battleship.png

Fury Battleship

The third and final battleship in the rebel arsenal. Boasting large weapon systems and strong armor. Not seen as often as other battleships, especially due to the increased avaiability of the T4 battleships.

[edit | edit source]

Cutter Class

Extremely fast hybrid vessels which combine aspects found in cruisers and frigates. It has the fastest forward speed in the game, but performs best at close range. They are primarily PVP ships.
1 Taipan.jpg

Taipan Cutter

The only cutter in the rebel arsenal. It excels at point-blank range.

[edit | edit source]

Carrier Class

Massive ships that launch squadrons and support allied ships with a unique support field. They are the most powerful ships in the game.
Midgard Carrier.jpg

Midgard Carrier

The first carrier in the rebel arsenal. It can only equip two squadrons and has a 20% scramble range reduction. Midgard carriers supports other ships via the Agility field.
Valhalla Carrier.png

Valhalla Carrier

The second and final carrier in the rebel arsenal. It is much more powerful then the Midgard carrier, boasting four squadron slots and greater mass to utilise them. It supports other ships via the Ion Field.

Used to be extremely rare, but is much more common now. Still an event ship, though.