Miner Rebellion Base Specials

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General[edit | edit source]

Miner Rebellion base specials were developed by the Miner Rebellion. They are the only specials available for conventional turrets and hence, critical to a rebel's base defense.

All Miner Rebellion base specials can be researched in the Tech Lab.

Weapon Boosts[edit | edit source]


Focused Apertures

Extends the maximum range of Energy weapons, but adds an insane amount of mass.

Ion Recharger

Enhances the shield damage of Energy weapons, at the cost of reduced armor damage and lots of additional mass.

Sweep Maximizer

Widens the spread of Explosive weapons with a significant mass increase.

AM Detonators

Expands the Area of Effect (AoE) of Explosive weapons, in exchange for a large increase in mass.

Iridium Arrays

Accelerates Kinetic weapons at a small cost of mass.

Phased Munitions

Increases the shield bypass of Kinetic weapons, with almost no additional mass incurred.