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Keres VII
Iron Star Company

Keres VII
Imperium Liberatus

Iron Star Company's leader and queen, her full name is Her Majesty Keres Regina Et Imperatrix The Seventh. Allied to the Miner Rebellion, she is valiant and noble and is a major key figure in the Miner Rebellion's battle against VEGA Security, Aliens and Demon Corps. She was assumed to have died in the Vendetta Event in her last transmission which cuts off and gets very confusing as she is struck with "the song", but she was revealed much later in Redux to have been taken prisoner by the Umbra, and was rescued by Rhea Dage. She deserts the rebels in Zenith after they cross her for the last time, and she raises her own secret army, the Imperium Liberatus, to conquer the galaxy.

History[edit | edit source]

She is the leader of the Iron Star Company, and given from her name, it may be possible that the Iron Star Company is some sort of monarchy. She communicates with the rebels before and after the Emergence event, informing the Miner Rebellion about the assault on VEGA and thanking the player for their participation in cutting VEGA Federation's supply lines.

She signs his messages with Keres R.I. According to Bishop, the Iron Star Company's leader was killed but this is more than likely just propaganda to discourage the rebels as the rebels do not even know who the leader is.

She also recovered Secret Documents from VEGA during our battles and with the help of a few talented code breakers from within the Miner Rebellion, was able to decode useful information that would help the Miner rebellion in the War against VEGA.

As Bishop stands down to make way for Demon Corps to suppress the Miner Rebellion, she braces the Miner Rebellion against the incoming invasion. The Demon Corps prove to be very strong, hellbent on annihilating the Miner Rebellion and influencing a new faction of Aliens to assist, Keres VII quickly finds her faction and her allies fighting a losing battle. Despite this, she valiantly bolsters their morale with war speeches seen in event videos.

She is impressed with how the Miner Rebellion trains via brutal sparring in Civil Wars and constantly awards top players with crafting materials for her Iron Star Ships in addition to Coins.

She is also heard interrogating Algol desperately for information.

In Vendetta after hearing the Miner Rebellion has allied with General Geir she revokes their alliance and is now an enemy of the miners. This is however short lasted as the aliens hungered and Keres went to the Void to escape. She vaguely says her very last words as she seems struck with "the song" and her transmission ends. In the Vendetta Event description it confirms that she is dead. Her final words were about General Geir and what he has done before cutting off in the second repeat signaling she has died or been corrupted.

Much later, following the events of Redux, Rhea Dage had rescued a test subject from one of Bishop’s prison camps, noticing among others that she was not afflicted with the Xeno plague. While the subject was in recovery, Burr had noticed that it was, in fact, Keres, previously thought to be dead after her last transmission. Bishop proceeds to claim that she is the key to human immortality, and is openly willing to attack the Rebels to get her back.

During Chrysalis, possibly still in denial over the events that had transpired, and still distrustful of the rebels, Keres has escaped Rebel Command. Knowing full well that the Umbra would try to reclaim her, Burr deployed search parties to look for her. He also contacted Tatiana Demina, second-in-command of the Iron Star Company for her help in rescuing Keres.

During Catalyst, it was revealed she stole an Harvester from the Altairians and used it to attack Umbra HQ in a suicide mission as revenge for the experiments conducted on her. The Rebels pursue her, evacuating prisoners out of the way. Just as she was about to take out Bishop, unknown machines phased in and resulted in chaos, allowing Bishop to escape. She was then rescued by Tatiana  at the last moment from the burning wreckage of the Harvester soon afterwards. After seeing the rebels battle against Umbra, she puts aside her grudges and decides to continue supporting the rebels in ending Bishop once and for all.

During Demise, Keres reports the unfortunate passing of Klavic, seeing his ship's remains at the hands of the Pharmakon. She suspects Bishop might have something to do with it however.

During Defection, she issues an ultimatum to Ny'tah to stay out of her way to destroy Bishop, claiming that they both need time as well.

During Synchrony, she finds out Bishop was planning to ram a citizen ship into Umbra HQ.

Finding out Victoria Onin was onboard during Collateral, she conducted a rescue operation to get her out, but was undermined when the Umbra deployed the Valrayvn for the first time. Luckily, she was able to break through and apprehend Bishop when the Rebels launched a diversionary assault in order to delay the Valrayvns. She then attempted to raid Dr. Kobus Chiron's lab, hoping to negotiate with him. When it fails, she proceeds to obliterate the Lab in singularity, leaving Chiron in anger.

She later hands over Bishop to Ny'tah in Extradition as part of a deal, who then proceeded to execute him for the death of her brother.

She and the Iron Star then aid Ny'tah and her Oligarchs in attempting to destroy Chiron in Penultimate, and thus decapitating Umbra's leadership for good. However, their plan was foiled by the rebels in Zenith. Angered over repeated betrayals, she renounces the rebels and thus declares open warfare against them from then on.

She then retreated and activated an army which she had been developing in secret, known as the Imperium Liberatus. Bent on Vengeance against the Rebels, she seeks to destroy them and remake the VEGA Galaxy in her image.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Keres VII is of Asian decent and has a starkly memorable appearance. Dressed in the attire representing her faction in colour, a Mohawk haircut and what seems to be cybernetic implants, she has a headstrong and noble character. She often encourages the uprising efforts in a valiant and brave manner, particularly against the Demon Corps.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It's quite possible she is a cyborg, due to the glowing lines that cover the shadowed part of her body in her portrait.
  • In her portrait she is seen holding what seems like a knife
  • In Vendetta, Keres VII was assumed to be deceased.
    • However, she was found to be alive after Redux, where Rhea Dage rescued her from the Umbra.
  • Keres is named after the Greek Keres, the daughters of Nyx, the primordial goddess of the night. Keres is also the plural form of the Greek word for death, Ker.
    • Regina et Imperatrix means "Queen and Empress" in Latin.

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