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Invasion   Invasion (Bounty)


EVENT OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

We must survive. We must protect our home.
  — Event Video 
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The Oligarchs are building a planet destroyer, far more powerful than anything we've seen before. If they complete it we've already lost. We need to gather our forces and strike back, but Ny'tah is unrelenting and we find ourselves now on the brink of a full-scale Oligarch invasion.

All our hope lies with the courage of the Rebellion and with our new ally Klavic, but how well do we even know him?

The war of words between Klavic and Ny'tah raises uncomfortable questions, but Klavic continues to share Altairian technology, while the Oligarchs have only ramped up their campaign against us.

It's unclear if the purpose of this invasion is our conquest, or simply to buy time to complete their planet destroyer. EIther way, we must fight for our very existence.

DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

Invasion is the 44th event in VEGA Conflict. It continues the Altairian season and introduces the Blitz feature.

EVENT QUOTES[edit | edit source]



Humans, Rabbles, whatever you call yourselves, you have chosen death. In your final moments, you will know the full scale of your error.

Your ally Klavic is blinded by weak-minded faith. On-Wah preaches peace and enlightenment, but he is responsible for almost thirteen thousand war crimes and seventy two acts of high treason. He commits more everyday.


Father built a network of deep space temples to spread his word and give asylum to refugees fleeing the Oligarch regime. Every refugee he enlists is a war-crime by the Oligarch's defenition.

And if this is to be a mud-slinging match... Ny'tah's hands are far from clean. She plans to revive our people's mislead eugenics experiments. The same experiments that On-Wah shut down after they led to the Universe-wide scourge of the Green Veil - What you call the Alien Infection.


War crimes? Experiments that led to the Alien Infection? THese are uncomfortable revelations.

It's unclear who to trust in this war of words, but the Heralds continue to offer an arsernal of new technology. In this ever changing battlefield we can't afford to refuse it. Their Cavalier Cutter is a powerful counter to stasis weaponry. It will be invaluable against the Oligarch's latest fleets.


Klavic, little brother, don't play down On-Wah's role in the Green Veil. He was the one who weaponized that genome. Then, when it escaped his lab, he shut down the entire eugenics program to cover up his mistake.

That's right, foolish humans - you've allied yourself with the creator of the Alien Infection that wiped out more than half your colonies.

Reflect on that as your ships explode around you!


We've held the Oligarch invasion back, but their Planet Destroyer grows more complete by the day and our scouts saw their fleets returning from the Forsaken Sector, towing Unfamiliar Alien devices.

More disturbing is the allegations levelled by Ny'tah. Klavic has done little to put my concerns to rest, being in turn evasive and defensive abut his father's actions pre-ascension.

Gifts of technology aside, have we chosen the wrong side?

EVENT DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

END TIME 4:00 pm PST
START DATE April 5, 2018
END DATE April 8, 2018
EVENT TYPE Attack Altairian Vanguard, Altairian Brigade, Altairian Regiment, Blitz Altairian Regiment, AXIS Deceiver
Defend Alien Aggressor
ANTAGONIST Altairians (Oligarchs)
DEUTERAGONIST Miner Rebellion, Altairians (Heralds)
EVENT DURATION 4 days Event Store Closes on March 13, 2018

EVENT PRIZES[edit | edit source]

Reusable Instances Amount of Intel
--- Exophase Field I RI (Max. 12) 110,000
--- Exophase Field II RI (Max. 12) 210,000
Energy ECHO Resistor I RI (Max. 3) Exophase Field III RI (Max. 12) 320,000

Classic Equipment Prizes Amount of Intel
Epsilon ECHO Cannon I Blueprint Resonant Armor I Blueprint Spectral Shell I Blueprint Shockwave Shell I Blueprint Neutrino Fusion I Blueprint Sai Missile I Blueprint 200,000
Epsilon ECHO Cannon II Blueprint Resonant Armor II Blueprint Spectral Shell II Blueprint Shockwave Shell II Blueprint Neutrino Fusion II Blueprint Sai Missile II Blueprint 400,000
--- --- --- Shockwave Shell III Blueprint Neutrino Fusion III Blueprint --- 800,000
New Equipment Prizes Amount of Intel
Beam Overcharge Capacitor I Blueprint Surge Beam I Blueprint Zephyr Thruster I Blueprint 200,000
Beam Overcharge Capacitor II Blueprint Surge Beam II Blueprint Zephyr Thruster II Blueprint 400,000
Beam Overcharge Capacitor III Blueprint --- Zephyr Thruster III Blueprint 800,000

Old Hull Blueprint prizes Amount of Intel
Bastion Cruiser Blueprint Piece Paragon Battleship Blueprint Piece 375,000
Bastion Cruiser Blueprint Paragon Battleship Blueprint 2,000,000
New Hull Blueprint prizes Amount of Intel
Cavalier Cutter Blueprint 2,000,000

Target Payouts[edit | edit source]

Target Level Altairian Vanguard Altairian Brigade AXIS Deceiver Altairian Regiment Blitz Altairian Regiment
40 --- --- 2,000 --- ---
45 --- --- --- --- ---
50 8,000 8,000 8,000 --- ---
60 18,900 18,900 18,000 --- ---
70 40,000 + 2x XEpsilon Fragments 40,000 + 2x XSai Fragments --- 50,000 + 2x XSai Fragments 30,000 + 2x XSai Fragments
80 --- --- --- 125,000 + Paragon Mk II Box + 6x XSai Fragments ---
90 --- --- --- 250,000 + Paragon Mk III Box + 15x XSai Fragments 150,000 + 6x Paragon Elite Fragments + 15x XSai Fragments
100 --- --- --- 500,000 + Paragon Mk IV Box + 30x XSai Fragments ---
110 --- --- --- 1,000,000 + Paragon Mk V Box + 50x XSai Fragments ---

For more information on the event targets, click here.

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