Imperium Liberatus

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Imperium Liberatus
Major Events
Notable Individuals
Notable Figures
Keres VII

Keres, now called Imperatrix Keres, has raised an impossibly vast armada to take her revenge. Our best scientists and tacticians are at a loss for how she has accomplished such a task. She is out for conquest, and we do not have the resources to stand against her.
  — In-Game Description 

The Imperium Liberatus are a NPC faction introduced in August 2020, and are a secret army raised by Keres VII to exact her revenge on the Rebels and conquer the galaxy.

History[edit | edit source]

It is unknown when the Imperium Liberatus came to be, but it can be hypothesized that ever since Keres was rescued from Umbra, even though the Iron Star Company had pretty much disbanded, she was making preparations to develop a powerful fighting force in the event things did not turn out as she wanted. When the Miner Rebellion took Kobus Chiron into custody and denied her a chance to exact revenge, she activated this secret army and formally declared war on the Rebels, having had enough of their supposed "betrayals.".

Her new army burnt a path through numerous rebel colonies, completely obliterating Rebel colonies and bases, and the rebels could do little to nothing about her onslaught. In response, Burr activated the Spectre Division, intending to develop Countermeasures against what became known as the Imperium Liberatus.

Ships and Technology[edit | edit source]

Imperium Liberatus technology is highly advanced, and uses different tactics ranging from blitz to swarming in order to decimate their opponents.

The Buckler is capable of absorbing massive amounts of damage, while utilizing Fortify to replenish its defenses.

The Kopis is a fast attack hull that is designed to close the distance between its target then destroy them at close range.

The Broadsider is a long range hull that bombards its opponents with its weaponry from afar, while spawning Pike Corvettes armed with various weapons to swarm and distract the opponent.

Notable Figures[edit | edit source]

The Imperium Liberatus are led by none other than Imperatrix Keres, who has deserted the rebel cause and now intends to conquer the VEGA Galaxy and remake it to her own image.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Imperium Liberatus are the first NPC-only faction since the Aliens.

Gallery[edit | edit source]