Heavy Talonite Plates

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Heavy Talonite Armor   Heavy Talonite Plates

Talonite Plates   Heavy Talonite Plates

The heaviest Xeno Division armor, built by compressing and folding medium weight armors together to offer the best protection.
  — In-Game Description 

Stats[edit | edit source]

Heavy Talonite Plates I
Mass 2,598 t 2,706 t
Health 11,691 13,124
Module XP 28,960 XP 33,179 XP
REUSABLE ITEM ReusableItem.png
Ship Lab Required VII VIII
EQUIP ModuleRefit.png
Time Time.png 20h 23m 1d 3h 04m
Mineral Ore MineralOre.png 13,717,855 16,461,426
Antimatter Antimatter.png 3,919,388 4,703,265

General[edit | edit source]

Heavy Talonite Plates are Heavy Talonite Armor pieces designed for use in bases.

Strategy and Setup[edit | edit source]

Advantages[edit | edit source]

Heavy Talonite Plates are the best non-resistance base armor currently available in the game, with the highest health and mass efficiency.

Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

Heavy Talonite Plates are so heavy that they cannot be feasibly equipped on Resource Miners of any level. Even Combat Modules that are level X or below have difficulties using them without sacrificing shielding and weaponry.

This armor is superseded by XX Heavy Talonite Plates and its AL version, which provide resistance to various Damage Types.

Fusion[edit | edit source]

Fusion I -> II
CRAFT Crafting.png
Time Time.png 5h 24m 48s
Heavy Talonite Plates 3x Level I

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Heavy Talonite Plates used to have an improved repair to health ratio similar to its ship counterpart Heavy Talonite Armor, but an update removed repair times from all module components.