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High Priestess

Evi'tah is the High Priestess of the Altairians, and the leader of the Altairian's divine army.

History[edit | edit source]

Evi'tah was one of the Altairians marooned on Altair when On-Wah stole the entire Altairian fleet of intergalactic vessels and smuggled as many survivors as possible off world, leaving her and the rest of the civilisation to be dommed towards the Xeno Plague. Left with no choice, they turned to Pharmakon's synthetic program, which was ultimately successful in saving their race.

Evi'tah hails from Altair, the homeworld of the Altairians. She commands the military forces of the Altairians stationed on Altair, which she dubs her "divine army."

Evi'tah first reveals herself in Defection, where she was revealed to have been somehow resurrected after the contingency protocol sent by On-Wah, alongside the rest of her army. She tells the rebels to stand down, or they will be destroyed, claiming that even Ny'tah and her deserters won't be able to save them this time.

She however has a different change of heart in Awakening, and she promised a reward to the rebels who helped investigate the scanner signatures picked up by her reconnaissance force. Rhea however suspected she was setting them up.

Responding to the Rebels' reports on an unknown android to the base during Singularity, she determines that the task is no longer manageable by them, and deploys Ajaxes to clean up the mess.

After hearing news that V-153 was disabled and captured, she deploys Orions to take down Pharmakon patrols so as to make it easier for the rebels to locate the android.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Evi'tah is the High Priestess of Altair, and thus wears clothing befitting of an empress, having a golden body suit, as well as a crown on her head signifying her position.

However, she does not seem very trustworthy, as evidenced by Burr and Ny'tah's warnings.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Evi'tah is the 3rd Altairian Character to be introduced.

Gallery[edit | edit source]