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Doomsday   Doomsday (Bounty)


EVENT OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

The Doomsday clock is at one second to midnight.
  — Event Description 
Capture 7-0.png

Larus has bought us a few precious days and Klavic promises he can still fix this, but the doomsday clock is at one second to midnight.

Ny'tah's planet destroyer is fully charged and pointed at Rebel HQ in the ultimate showdown between Altairian might and human courage. Planets will fall, factions will shatter and the galaxy will never be the same.

Our last hope hangs on breaking through the Oligarch war camps in the Carmine Nebula and getting Ny'tah to lsiten to her brother's 'new information'. The rebellion has never seen a darker hour.

DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

Doomsday is the 46th event in VEGA Conflict. It concludes the Altairian Season and introduces new Altairian Mothership and Fortress targets.

EVENT QUOTES[edit | edit source]



The Titan Planet Destroyer is fully charged and pointed at Rebel Headquarters.

Our window of opportunity to sabotage it has passed.

We've evacuated as many as we can, but the loss of infrastructure will end the Rebellion and leave us as scattered refugees.


It's not like Burr to give up so easily. I wonder what's got into the old man?

I have a contact in the Oligarchs whose tastes are... unique. Tastes that only someone with my connections can supply. He has delayed their test fire by several days and also slipped me the specs for an Altairian Carrier.

You can thank me later - Now go save the Rebellion!


The Devastating weapon on this new Sovereign Carrier gives me hope we can yet turn the tide against Ny'tah.

Owing Larus a favour is a small price to pay for this lifeline.

I just hope we can work out how to pilot it without Klavic as the instruction manual is 500 pages of dense Altairian text.


Friends, I have important tidings. New information has come to light that will bring peace with my sister, if Ny'tah will just listen.

The trouble is, she has shut down her comms. If you can get me through the battlefront to board Ny'tah's ship in person, I'm convinced I can still make everything right.


Cease fire!

Humans, I'm loathe to admit this, but a genome scan confirms my brother's report. Millenia ago our forefathers, seeking to solve a fertility crisis, spliced their DNA with primitive life on your planet of origin. You are the forgotten genesis of our eugenics program.

You are kin. Unslightly, lobeless homunculi, but nevertheless born from the same proud Altairian heritage. I'm still not convinced you're ready for our advanced technology... but perhaps in time.


Do not be concerned by the thrumming of the Titan. My sister is firing her test shots at systems in your old abandoned sectors.

All that remains of my father are the digital ghosts of his dangerously unchecked ambition. If we target the central star, Ny'tah believes the resulting supernova will take out all the planets in On-Wah's system in one shot - A simultaneous destruction with no chance of escape.


What have I done?

On-Wah had less than a second's warning between the Titan's shot reaching his system and the resulting blast of electromagnetic radiation destroying his circuits and erasing him from existece. No Altairian could react that fast...

but a machine...


I am in shock...

A single transmission - less than a kilobyt -escaped the supernova. It was a subspace command triggering a decommisioned scorched-earth protocol called The Contingency.

Altair is gone. Our colonies are dust. Myself, Ny'tah and our few thousand attendants are all that remain.

We are endangered species.

EVENT DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

END TIME 4:00 pm PST
START DATE June 7, 2018
END DATE June 11, 2018
EVENT TYPE Attack Altairian Vanguard, Altairian Brigade, (Blitz) Altairian Regiment, AXIS Deceiver, (Blitz) Altairian Outpost, (Blitz) Altairian Mothership, (Blitz) Altairian Fortress
Defend Alien Aggressor
ANTAGONIST Altairians (Oligarchs)
DEUTERAGONIST Miner Rebellion, Altairians (Heralds)
EVENT DURATION 4 days Event Store Closes on June 12, 2018

EVENT PRIZES[edit | edit source]

Reusable Instances Amount of Intel
--- --- --- Exophase Field I RI (Max. 12) 110,000
--- --- --- Exophase Field II RI (Max. 12) 210,000
--- Cyclotron Beam I RI (Max. 24) --- --- 250,000
Energy ECHO Resistor I RI (Max. 3) --- Enguard Overdrive Generator I RI Exophase Field III RI (Max. 3) 320,000
--- Cyclotron Beam II RI (Max. 24) --- --- 350,000

Classic Equipment Prizes Amount of Intel
Epsilon ECHO Cannon I Blueprint 200,000
Resonant Armor I Blueprint
Spectral Shell I Blueprint
Shockwave Shell I Blueprint
Neutrino Fusion I Blueprint
Sai Missile I Blueprint
Beam Overcharge Capacitor I Blueprint
Surge Beam I Blueprint
Zephyr Thruster I Blueprint
Phased Solenoid I Blueprint
Lancer Driver I Blueprint
Ballistic Sabot I Blueprint
Epsilon ECHO Cannon II Blueprint 400,000
Resonant Armor II Blueprint
Spectral Shell II Blueprint
Shockwave Shell II Blueprint
Neutrino Fusion II Blueprint
Sai Missile II Blueprint
Beam Overcharge Capacitor II Blueprint
Surge Beam II Blueprint
Zephyr Thruster II Blueprint
Phased Solenoid II Blueprint
Lancer Driver II Blueprint
Ballistic Sabot II Blueprint
Shockwave Shell III Blueprint 800,000
Neutrino Fusion III Blueprint
Beam Overcharge Capacitor III Blueprint
Zephyr Thruster III Blueprint
Phased Solenoid III Blueprint
Ballistic Sabot III Blueprint

New Equipment Prizes Amount of Intel
Xeno Shell I Blueprint 200,000
Xeno Shell II Blueprint 400,000
Xeno Shell III Blueprint 800,000

Old Hull Blueprint Prizes Amount of Intel
Bastion Cruiser Blueprint Piece (Max. 6) 375,000
Bastion Cruiser Blueprint 2,000,000
Paragon Battleship Blueprint
Cavalier Cutter Blueprint
Inquisitor Destroyer Blueprint

New Hull Blueprint prizes Amount of Intel
Sovereign Carrier Blueprint 2,500,000

Target Payouts[edit | edit source]

Target Level Blitz AXIS Deceiver AXIS Deceiver Altairian Vanguard Altairian Regiment Altairian Brigade Altairian Outpost
40 --- 2,000 --- --- --- ---
50 --- 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000
60 --- 18,000 19,000 19,000 19,000 19,000
65 20,000 + 1 Heavy Shatter Driver I RI --- --- --- --- ---
70 --- --- 40,000 + Bastion Mk II Box + 2x XEpsilon Fragments 40,000 + Cavalier Mk II Box + 2x XSurge Fragments 40,000 + Paragon Mk II Box + 2x XSai Fragments 40,000 + Inquisitor Mk II Box + 2x XLancer Fragments

Target Level Blitz Altairian Regiment Blitz Altairian Mothership Blitz Altairian Vanguard Blitz Altairian Fortress Altairian Mothership Altairian Fortress
70 30,000 + 2x XEpsilon Fragments 30,000 + 2x XSai Fragments 30,000 + 2x XSurge Fragments 30,000 + 2x XLancer Fragments --- ---
80 --- --- --- --- 200,000 + Paragon Mk III Box + 10x XLancer Fragments 200,000 + Inquisitor Mk III Box + 10x XSai Fragments
90 150,000 + 6x Paragon Elite Fragments + 15x XSai Fragments 150,000 + 6x Bastion Elite Fragments + 15x XSai Fragments 150,000 + 6x Cavalier Elite Fragments + 15x XSurge Fragments 150,000 + 6x Inquisitor Elite Fragments + 15x XLancer Fragments 350,000 + 2x Paragon Mk III Box + 30x XLancer Fragments 350,000 + 2x Inquisitor Mk III Box + 30x XSai Fragments
100 --- --- --- --- 750,000 + 2x Paragon Mk IV Box + 50x XLancer Fragments + 50x Inquisitor Elite Fragments 750,000 + 2x Inquisitor Mk IV Box + 50x XSai Fragments + 50x Paragon Elite Fragments
110 --- --- --- --- 1,500,000 + 3x Paragon Mk V Box + 100x XLancer Fragments + 100x Inquisitor Elite Fragments 1,500,000 + 3x Inquisitor Mk V Box + 100x XSai Fragments + 100x Paragon Elite Fragments

For more information on the event targets, click here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This Event officially introduces New Boss Targets, the Altairian Fortress and Altairian Mothership.
  • This Event was pushed back by a week so as to give people more time to catch up before the event, as a Smash & Grab and Mobilization was run the week before.
  • This Event concludes the Altairian Season

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