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In-game description of DoT.

General[edit | edit source]

Damage Over Time (DoT) is an offensive ability offered by the Pharmakon. In particular, dealing damage will apply DoT Stack(s) to the target. Each DoT Stack inflicts damage at set intervals for a relatively long duration. There are several stats related to DoT:

  • DoT Stacks is the amount of DoT Stacks applied whenever the threshold of Damage Dealt is met.
  • Damage per Interval is the amount of damage dealt per interval, per DoT Stack.
  • Interval is the time delay between each application of damage according to the Damage per Interval stat.
  • DoT Duration is the duration of the DoT Stack before it expires.

Note that DoT is an intrinsic ability of Pharmakon Hulls; it is not necessary to have Pharmakon Ship Weapons or those that grant DoT Stacks in order to make use of this ability. In the same vein, other hulls are unable to inflict DoT even if they use such weapons.

Details[edit | edit source]

DoT Stacks[edit | edit source]

DoT Stacks are applied in a similar fashion as Ablative Recovery: only damage to health (not shields, ablative armor nor screens) will count towards the Damage Threshold, after factoring in resistances. See here for more details on how the Damage Threshold works.

Each DoT Stack is tracked individually, meaning that applying extra DoT Stacks will not reset the timer of existing DoT Stacks. As a result, while there is no hard limit of how much DoT you can apply to an enemy, it is technically limited by how much damage you can deal within the DoT Duration, since DoT Stacks begin to expire afterwards.

In combat, the value on top of the DoT icon displays the current number of DoT Stacks on the ship or module.

Damage per Interval[edit | edit source]

Only health and ablative armor are damaged by DoT Stacks; shields and screens are completely resistant to DoT. That being said, as long as the defense value of shields and screens is not 100%, a portion of the damage can still get through to health.

Altairian Pylon Emitters and squadrons are immune to DoT as well.