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Event Overview[edit | edit source]

Vsec thinks the unrest will subside. Show them it won't.
  — Sybil 
Countermeasures event photo.png

Bishop, the previously unseen head of VEGA Security, admonishes the rebels for their association with the "treacherous" Larus.

Event Quotes[edit | edit source]


This is Bishop, speaking on behalf of VEGA Security. The VEGA Federation is aware of your concerns regarding official policy in this region and intends to address them in time. However, we cannot tolerate your continued association with the fugitive Larus. If you are willing to cooperate with VEGA Security on this matter, some of your prior offenses may be overlooked as a gesture of good faith. It's my hope that you see the wisdom in this course of action.
  — Bishop 

Larus here,

I got a good laugh out of that official VSec message. Listen, now that the Valhalla Carrier is finally complete we should go on the offensive. I've got a new idea for a ship, something small and agile this time, and another batch of combat data would be just the thing to get it over the finish line.

I'd say good luck, but you don't need it.
  — Larus 

This is Bishop.

VEGA Security offered you a fair deal, and it was rejected out of hand. Disappointing, but not unexpected. Larus made his way through the VEGA Security ranks through lies and treachery. It's only natural that he would manipulate your movement to serve his own agenda.

In time, you will understand the grave errors you've made. When that time comes, VEGA will be waiting.
  — Bishop 

Description[edit | edit source]

Fortify your fleets, and launch countermeasures.
  — Sybil 

Countermeasures is the 9th event to occur in VEGA Conflict. The prizes were first hinted at in a Battle Vortex video. In a post by The Real LXC (aka Lex), it was confirmed that the Facebook event invite was automatically and unintentionally sent out for the 6/11/15 date. However, the event was not ready, and KIXEYE had to reschedule the event for 6/18/15. As an apology, KIXEYE reran the Espionage event again instead.

Event Information[edit | edit source]

END TIME 3:00 pm PDT
START DATE Thursday, June 18, 2015
END DATE Monday, June 22, 2015
EVENT TYPE Attack VSec Augment Fleets
DURATION OF EVENT 4 Days Event Shop closes Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Event Prizes[edit | edit source]

Prize Name Amount of Data Cores
Arrestor Beam I Vector Torpedo I 50k Data Cores
Arrestor Beam II Vector Torpedo II 250k Data Cores
Arrestor Beam III Vector Torpedo III 750k Data Cores
Osprey Frigate 1.5M Data Cores

Event fleet layout[edit | edit source]

For more information about the event fleet layouts, please refer here: Main Event Targets/VEGA Security

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The VSec Officer in the photo calls himself Bishop, marking his first ever appearance.
  • This event was pushed a week back because of problems that Kixeye encountered when fielding the event. To make up for the inconvenience to the players, Kixeye ran the Espionage Event instead and the Countermeasures event a week after that.
  • This event was one of the Hardest events ever, because of the large amount of range and damage possessed by the Vector Torpedo eagles, however, players found a simple exploit and that was to kill the 2 Corinthian Cruisers with ECHO Ray and then run for the remainder of the battle. When this fleet was reused for Warfront, that exploit had been removed by the points curves and the change to the AI, which made the event extremely difficult.
  • The top prize in the event, the Osprey Frigate, was always thought to never return again, but it has been rerun as a legacy price in one of the Special Events.

[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]

File:VEGA Conflict - Countermeasures
KIXEYE's official video/advertisement for the "Countermeasures" Event.


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