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EVENT OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

Let's utilize this latest Umbra tech and remind ISC what the rebels are made of!
  — Event Description 

Keres still feels hostility towards rebels after denouncing them as an ally before her disappearance. She doesn't feel like she has been saved but just transferred from one captor to another.

Since Keres’s absence, the ISC have mostly disbanded - some have joined the rebellion, others have been absorbed by VEGA.

Umbra's new Manticore Battlecruiser with its reinforced arc can double the damage against a focused target. Let's utilize this latest Umbra tech and remind ISC what the rebels are made of!

DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

Chrysalis is the 50th event in VEGA Conflict. The Umbra unveil their newest weapon, the Manticore Battlecruiser, as they continue to clash with the rebels. In the midst of the chaos, Keres, former leader of the Iron Star Company has escaped, and the rebels must find her before the Umbra do.

EVENT QUOTES[edit | edit source]



What do you mean she escaped? Last I checked she could barely walk. Check the fleet bay. She may have taken off in one of our ships.

No doubt she will make contact with the ISC. Most of the mercenaries were absorbed by VEGA but her second-in-command, Tatiana Demina is part of the outliers who have allied with the rebellion. Let's contact her and see if we can get Keres back on our side.


If our Queen really is alive, she has yet to make contact with the ISC. You should have called us sooner. We could have protected her. Despite your incompetence in this matter I do believe our interests are still aligned.

We recovered plans for Umbra's new ship class from a recent sortie and can offer you the blueprints to the Manticore Battlecruiser if the rebels help us search for our Queen. I will only give you one chance to make this right.
 Tatiana Demina 



I don't know how much you uncovered about our secret project. We didn't divulge this information because up to this point the experiment was an utter failure.

Someone broke into our hangar and activated our cloned harvesters which have been lying dormant to this point. One of them is missing and a damaged Bastion Cruiser with a serial number belonging to the Rebellion was left abandoned.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt as I don't think you will do anything to hurt our alliance. Perhaps one of your commanders has gone rogue. I trust you will look into this matter and report your findings.

EVENT DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

END TIME 3:00 am PST
START DATE November 1, 2018
END DATE November 5, 2018
EVENT TYPE Attack Umbra Decayed, Umbra Depraved, Umbra Hellion, Umbra Occupied, Altairian Outpost, Umbra Infected Outpost, Umbra Hunter, Umbra Abyss (Blitz)
Defend Umbra Invasion a
DEUTERAGONIST Miner Rebellion, Altairians (Heralds)
EVENT DURATION 4 days Event Store Closes on November 6, 2018

EVENT PRIZES[edit | edit source]

Blueprints Amount of Intel
Epsilon ECHO Cannon Turret I RI (Max. 12) 100,000
Punisher Cruiser Mk II Crafting Box (Max. 10)
Spectral Shell I BP
Havoc Cannon I BP 150,000
Atomic Driver I BP
Yellowjacket Wing I RI (Max. 12)
Xeno Focused Apertures I RI (Max. 12)
24h Xeno Division Ship Refit/Ship Build/ Craft Token
Guardian Cruiser Mk II Crafting Box (Max. 10)
Bastion Cruiser Mk II Crafting Box (Max. 10) 175,000
Xeno Focused Apertures II RI (Max. 12) 200,000
Epsilon ECHO Cannon Turret II RI (Max. 12)
Spectral Shell II BP
Phoenix Frigate Mk II Box (Max. 10)
Magnetic Collar I BP
Xeno Focused Apertures III RI (Max. 12) 250,000
24h A.X.I.S. Ship Refit/Ship Build/ Craft Token
Wraith Cruiser Mk II Box (Max. 10)
Ogre Battleship Mk II Box (Max. 10)
Medusa Destroyer Mk II Box (Max. 10)
Energy ECHO/Pierce/Stasis Resistor (Max. 12)
Phoenix Frigate BPP (Max. 8) 300,000
Energy Weapon Disruption Resistor RI (Max. 12)
Yellowjacket Wing II RI (Max. 12)
Wraith Cruiser BPP (Max. 8) 375,000
Ogre Battleship BPP (Max. 8)
Medusa Destroyer BPP (Max. 8)
Havoc Cannon II BP 400,000
Spectral Shell III BP
Atomic Driver II BP
Thonian Armor I BP
Ablative Tungsten Armor I BP
Magnetic Collar II BP
Yellowjacket Wing III RI (Max. 12) 600,000
24h Altairian Ship Refit/Ship Build/ Craft Token 750,000
Havoc Cannon III BP 800,000
Atomic Driver III BP
Thonian Armor II BP
Ablative Tungsten Armor II BP
Magnetic Collar II BP
Behemoth Dreadnought Fragments x 10 (Max. 10) 1,000,000
Behemoth Dreadnought Mk II Patterns x 10 (Max. 10) 1,250,000
Phoenix Frigate BP 1,500,000
Wraith Cruiser BP 2,000,000
Ogre Battleship BP
Medusa Destroyer BP
Manticore Battlecruiser BP

Target Payouts[edit | edit source]

Target Level Umbra Decayed Umbra Depraved Umbra Occupied, Altairian Outpost
40 3,000 + 4h Xeno Division Craft --- ---
50 8,000 + 4h A.X.I.S. Craft --- ---
60 18,000 + Inquisitor Mk III Box --- 18,000 + Phoenix Mk III Box
70 --- 40,000 + Inquisitor Mk IV Box + 1-3x Blight 40,000 + Phoenix Mk IV Box + 1-3x Pyrochemistry + 5-10x XLancer Fragments
80 --- 100,000 + Inquisitor Mk V Box + 5-10x Blight 100,000 + Phoenix Mk V Box + 5-10x Pyrochemistry + 10-20x XLancer Fragments

Target Level Umbra Hellion Umbra Abyss (Blitz) Umbra Hunter Umbra Hunter (Blitz) Umbra Infected Outpost Umbra Depraved Umbra Abyss
90 250,000 + Ogre Mk III Box + 6-10x Nova Missile IV Fragments + 10-15x Pyrochemistry --- 250,000 + Medusa Mk III Box + 6-10x Atomic Driver IV Fragments + 10-15x Gravimetrics 150,000 + 5-10x XSai Fragments + 10-15x Blight 250,000 + 6-15x Ablative Tungsten Armor III Fragments + 6-15x Thonian Armor III Fragments + 10-20x Gravimetrics 250,000 + Wraith Mk III Box + 6-10x Nova Cannon III Fragments + 10-15x Blight ---
100 400,000 + Ogre Mk IV Box + 15-20x Nova Missile IV Fragments + 15-20x Pyrochemistry 300,000 + 10-15x Thonian Armor III Fragments + 5x Havoc Cannon IV Fragments + 25-30x Blight 400,000 + Medusa Mk IV Box + 15-20x Atomic Driver IV Fragments + 15-20x Gravimetrics --- 400,000 + 15-20x Ablative Tungsten Armor III Fragments + 15-20x Thonian Armor III Fragments + 15-20x Gravimetrics --- 400,000 + Wraith Mk IV Box + 15-20x Nova Cannon III Fragments + 15-20x Blight
110 1,000,000 + Ogre Mk V Box + 20-30x Nova Missile IV Fragments + 25-30x Pyrochemistry --- 1,000,000 + Medusa Mk V Box + 20-30x Atomic Driver IV Fragments + 25-30x Gravimetrics --- 1,000,000 + 20-30x Ablative Tungsten Armor III Fragments + 20-30x Thonian Armor III Fragments + 25-30x Gravimetrics --- 1,000,000 + Wraith Mk V Box + 20-30x Nova Cannon III Fragments + 25-30x Blight

For more information on the event targets, click here.

Note, * means not 100% chance

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chrysalis is the first event to feature a new ship class, the Battlecruisers.
  • Contrary to the event briefing, the Umbra Abyss Blitz fleets dropped Thonian Armor instead of Ablative Tungsten Armor fragments.


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