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Spawners are a class of weapon that allows a parent ship to summon miniature ships, which can be ordered to either protect their parent ship or seek out and destroy enemy targets at a far distance.

Spawner Slots are only available on a few select hulls, in terms of player usage. They can inflict a variety of damage types depending on the ship equipped.

When at least one ship in a fleet is equipped with a spawner, during combat, a fleet-wide toggle is displayed next to the "Select All" button. The toggle alternates between two modes: defensive and offensive. Defensive mode restricts the spawned ships to be active within 5 km of the parent ship, while offensive mode increases this distance to 15 km. Depending on the spawned ships' weapon range, they can still attack enemies that are slightly outside this area, but do not exit this area themselves.

Players are unable to select nor view the range arcs of their own spawned ships. Instead, they can designate the primary target of spawned ships by selecting that of the parent ship. Enemies can target and view the range arcs of spawned ships just like normal ships.

The spawned ships behave like actual ships, having their own health and defense bar. But unlike regular ships, they do not cost repair time when destroyed, and are easily dispensable, since new ones can be summoned should the existing ones be destroyed.

Spawned ships ignore the modifiers of their parent ship unless explicitly stated (such as Spawner Mass). They are not boosted by Fleet Commanders either. However, they can be affected by Support Fields. (Not sure about Fleet Bonuses.)

For the purposes of Ablation, spawned ships do not contribute towards the damage threshold of their parent ship. On the other hand, enemies can recover their Ablative Armor by dealing damage to spawned ships, and receive Devour Recovery whenever an enemy spawned ship is destroyed within range.


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