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Builds are an integral part of hull construction in VEGA Conflict. However, this game has such a large set of technologies that it may appear confusing to many players. Choosing the correct equipment is extremely important as this determines whether you are able to achieve victory, be it against other players or NPC Targets.

You can find suggested builds for a ship in its Build subpage, which is /Build added after the page's name. Oftentimes, these builds are mainstream and are widely used amongst players. If such a page does not exist, feel free to create it and add your own builds!

It is highly recommended that you first read about Combat Strength, then Range, in order to get a rough idea on what makes a good ship build.

Ship builds are grouped into different categories, as follows:

  • Basic builds are available at around the same level as the ship unlock prerequisites.
  • Improved builds may make use of technologies that are more difficult to obtain.
  • Advanced builds require technologies from higher tiers, but are more powerful in return.
  • Special builds cater to specific encounters and, while effective, are limited in use.

In table form:

Build Type Relative Tech Level Relative Cost
Basic 0.0 or below Normal
Improved 0.0 to 0.5 Medium
Advanced Above +0.5 High
Special Variable Variable


  • Relative tech level is the tier that the most advanced technology in the build belongs to minus that of the hull.
  • For the purpose of this calculation, Tier 0 hulls are treated as Tier 1. Weapons with a prefix are treated as if they were 0.5 tiers higher.
  • To normalize the tech curve, relative tech level is halved for Tier 3 ships and below.