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Reusable Items (RIs) are of limited quantity. They are represented by reusable credits, which determine how many instances of the item you can have equipped at any given time. Different levels of the same item have separate reusable credits.

When you equip a reusable item, the number of available credits decreases by 1; this number increases by 1 when you remove that item, or when you scrap whatever is containing that item.

You can view your reusable credits in the Workshop under the Inventory tab.

Unlike instant credits, equipping reusable items costs time and resources. Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase reusables through The Market as you would have to spend additional time and resources to equip them.

If a player has both Credit and Reusable Item instances for the same Item, he/she could choose which one to use.

Some reusable items can be directly fused into higher-level variants through the Workshop, with the recipes available for research in the Arms Lab under the Fusion tab. Others could be fused with elements, resulting in an elemental version of the item which is tracked separately.

Note that you can only have a maximum of 100 of each reusable item. Upon reaching this limit, you can no longer purchase additional instances of that item.

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