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General[edit | edit source]

This page provides a list of NPC Targets that have appeared in current catch-up events that offer other items not covered in the Tier 6 and Tier 7 pages.

Miscellaneous Catch-up Event Targets[edit | edit source]

Time Token Riot[edit | edit source]

These targets appear in the Time Token Riot.

Name & Level Fleet Layout Description Ships Armaments Loot Drops Notes
Demon Corps
(35-65) (V2)
Vengeance Event Fleet (Demon Corps Platoon).png
Demon Corps Raider fleet collaborating with Iron Star Forces. BasiliskCutter1.png x2 MetaphaseShield3.png x1
NETTorpedo2.png x1
TempestDriver3.png x3
IridiumMagnets5.png x1
VSec Tier II
VSec Tier III
VSec Tier IV
Renamed from Demon Corps Platoon (V3), released in Vengeance. Not to be confused with Demon Corps Raiders (V1) from Scorched Earth. These fleets drop VSec blueprints based on their level.
CovenantCruiser1.png x2 SpectralShield5.png x2
ReverbRay3.png x5
FocusedOptics5.png x1
HellfireBattleship1.png x2 MetaphaseShield3.png x1
VectorTorpedo3.png x6
NETTorpedo3.png x1
AMWarheads5.png x1
DominionCarrier1.png x1 SpectralShield5.png x1
MercuryBeam3.png x2
SpectreSquadron3.png x4
LegionBattleship1.png x2 MetaphaseShield3.png x2
VectorTorpedo3.png x2
NETTorpedo3.png x1
SpectreSquadron3.png x1