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EVENT OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

Let's rescue our allies.
  — Event Description 

Keres has commandeered a harvester and is launching an attack on Umbra HQ. I know many of your allies have been taken prisoner there. If you’re so inclined to mitigate collateral damage, I suggest your fighters take arms and move those prisoners out of harm's way. I’ll deal with Keres.

Keres crashed the Harvester through Umbra's defense system. This gives us an in. Let's rescue our allies before she causes any more chaos.

DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

Catalyst is the 52nd event in VEGA Conflict, marking the conclusion to the Umbra season. The Rebels launch a surgical strike into the Umbra, in an effort to rescue Keres VII before she is captured by them.

EVENT QUOTES[edit | edit source]





You have been a loyal ally and a true friend. I'm glad the ISC has been left in capable hands. I'm done being an experiment. I'm putting an end to it all. Bishop will pay.

Goodbye Tatiana,

-Keres R. I.
 Keres VII 



Tatiana here. Keres has commandeered a harvester and is launching an attack on Umbra HQ. I know many of your allies have been taken prisoner there. If you're so inclined to mitigate collateral damage, I suggest your fighters take arms and move these prisoners out of harm's way. I'll deal with Keres.
 Tatiana Demina 


Rebels, This is Klavic. Due to Umbra further weakening our species, once again I humbly request the assistance of the Rebellion.

I will grant you access to our Harvesters, however be warned, we have yet to complete our studies of the Unstable Surge Cores that power them. Together we can save both our species.


Did anyone else see that?

I had Bishop in my sights, then these machines phased in using technology I've never encountered. Bishop escaped in the crossfire but I won't let him get away next time.

My thirst for revenge blinded me today. Luckily, Tatiana arrived just in time to pull me out of the burning vessel.

Rebels, after seeing you fighting against Umbra, I'm willing to put bad blood aside for our common cause - end Bishop's empire once and for all.
 Keres VII 

EVENT DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

END TIME 3:00 am PST
START DATE December 6, 2018
END DATE December 10, 2018
EVENT TYPE Attack Umbra Decayed, Umbra Fiend, Umbra Affliction, Umbra Abyss, Umbra Hellion, Umbra Hunter, Umbra Purgatory, Umbra Pursuer
Defend Umbra Invasion a
DEUTERAGONIST Miner Rebellion, Altairians (Heralds)
EVENT DURATION 4 days Event Store Closes on December 11, 2018

EVENT PRIZES[edit | edit source]

Blueprints Amount of Intel
Epsilon ECHO Cannon Turret I RI (Max. 12) 100,000
Punisher Cruiser Mk II Crafting Box (Max. 10)
Wormhole Drive Type-E I RI
Spectral Shell I BP
Havoc Cannon I BP 150,000
Atomic Driver I BP
Nova Missile I BP
Nova Cannon I BP
Yellowjacket Wing I RI (Max. 12)
Xeno Focused Apertures I RI (Max. 12)
24h Xeno Division Ship Refit/Ship Build/ Craft Token
Guardian Cruiser Mk II Crafting Box (Max. 10)
Bastion Cruiser MK II Crafting Box (Max. 10) 175,000
Epsilon ECHO Cannon Turret II RI (Max. 12) 200,000
Wormhole Drive Type-E II RI
Xeno Focused Apertures II RI (Max. 12)
Phoenix Frigate Mk II Box (Max. 30)
Sunder Thruster I BP
Spectral Shell II BP
Xeno Focused Apertures III RI (Max. 12) 250,000
24h A.X.I.S. Ship Refit/Ship Build/ Craft Token
Wraith Cruiser Mk II Box (Max. 30)
Ogre Battleship Mk II Box (Max. 30)
Medusa Destroyer Mk II Box (Max. 30)
Manticore Battlecruiser Mk II Box (Max. 30)
Energy ECHO/Pierce/Stasis Resistor (Max. 12)
Thermic Disruptor I RI (Max. 12)
Incendiary Corpus I RI (Max. 12)
Apex Impaler I RI (Max. 12)
Energy Weapon Disruption Resistor RI (Max. 12) 300,000
Yellowjacket Wing II RI (Max. 12)
Phoenix Frigate BPP
Thermic Disruptor II RI (Max. 12)
Incendiary Corpus II RI (Max. 12)
Apex Impaler II RI (Max. 12)
Wraith Cruiser BPP 375,000
Ogre Battleship BPP
Medusa Destroyer BPP
Manticore Battlecruiser BPP
Havoc Cannon II BP 400,000
Atomic Driver II BP
Nova Missile II BP
Nova Cannon II BP
Thonian Armor I BP
Ablative Tungsten Armor I BP
Sunder Thruster II BP
Spectral Shell III BP
ENAL/EXAL/KIAL Tungsten Plates 500,000
Wormhole Drive Type-E III RI
Yellowjacket Wing III RI (Max. 12) 600,000
24h Altairian Ship Refit/Ship Build/ Craft Token 750,000
Havoc Cannon III BP 800,000
Atomic Driver III BP
Nova Missile III BP
Thonian Armor II BP
Ablative Tungsten Armor II BP
Sunder Thruster III BP
Phoenix Frigate BP 1,500,000
Behemoth Dreadnought Mk III Pattern x10
Wraith Cruiser BP 2,000,000
Ogre Battleship BP
Medusa Destroyer BP
Manticore Battlecruiser BP
Harvester Hull 15,000,000

Target Payouts[edit | edit source]

Target Level Umbra Decayed Umbra Depraved Umbra Occupied, Altairian Outpost Umbra Hunter (Blitz) Umbra Abyss (Blitz) Umbra Pursuer a Umbra Pursuer b Umbra Pursuer y
40 3,000 + 1h Xeno Division Craft --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
50 8,000 + 1h A.X.I.S. Craft --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
60 18,000 + Phoenix Mk III Box --- 18,000 + 5-10x XEpsilon Turret Fragments --- --- --- --- ---
70 --- 40,000 + Phoenix Mk IV Box + 1-3x Blight* 40,000 + 10-20x XEpsilon Turret Fragments + 1-5x Pyrochemistry* --- --- --- --- ---
80 --- 100,000 + Phoenix Mk V Box + 1-3x Blight* 100,000 + 20-30x XEpsilon Turret Fragments + 5-10x Pyrochemistry* --- --- --- --- ---
90 --- --- --- 150,000 + 5-10x XEpsilon Turret Fragments + 10-15x Blight --- --- --- ---
100 --- --- --- --- 300,000 + 15-20x Havoc Cannon IV Fragments + 10-15x Ablative Tungsten Armor III Fragments + 25-30x Blight --- --- ---
120 --- --- --- --- --- 1,750,000 + 15-20x Thermic Disruptor III Fragments, 25-30x Blight 1,750,000 + 15-20x Incendiary Corpus III Fragments, 25-30x Blight 1,750,000 + 15-20x Apex Impaler III Fragments, 25-30x Blight

Target Level Umbra Infected Outpost Umbra Affliction Umbra Hunter a Umbra Abyss a Umbra Hellion a Umbra Purgatory a
90 250,000 + 6-15x Ablative Tungsten Armor III Fragments + 6-15x Thonian Armor III Fragments + 10-20x Gravimetrics 250,000 + Wraith Mk III Box + 10-15x Blight + 6-15x Nova Cannon III Fragments 250,000 + Medusa Mk III Box + 10-15x Gravimetrics + 6-15x Atomic Driver IV Fragments --- 250,000 + Ogre Mk III Box + 10-15x Pyrochemistry + 6-15x Nova Missile IV Fragments 250,000 + Manticore Mk III Box + 10-15x Spectronics + 6-15x Havoc Cannon IV Fragments
100 400,000 + 15-30x Ablative Tungsten Armor III Fragments + 15-30x Thonian Armor III Fragments + 15-30x Gravimetrics --- 400,000 + Medusa Mk IV Box + 15-30x Gravimetrics + 15-30x Atomic Driver IV Fragments 400,000 + Wraith Mk IV Box + 15-30x Blight + 15-30x Nova Cannon III Fragments 400,000 + Ogre Mk IV Box + 15-30x Pyrochemistry + 15-30x Nova Missile IV Fragments 400,000 + Manticore Mk IV Box + 15-30x Spectronics + 15-30x Havoc Cannon IV Fragments
110 1,000,000 + 25-50x Ablative Tungsten Armor III Fragments + 25-50x Thonian Armor III Fragments + 25-50x Gravimetrics --- 1,000,000 + Medusa Mk V Box + 25-50x Gravimetrics + 25-50x Atomic Driver IV Fragments 1,000,000 + Wraith Mk V Box + 25-50x Blight + 25-50x Nova Cannon III Fragments 1,000,000 + Ogre Mk V Box + 25-50x Pyrochemistry + 25-50x Nova Missile IV Fragments 1,000,000 + Manticore Mk V Box + 25-50x Spectronics + 25-50x Havoc Cannon III Fragments

For more information on the event targets, click here.

Note, * means not 100% chance

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Catalyst is the first event to feature an Umbra Co-Op target.
  • Catalyst features the Harvester, which is a player version of the Alien Harvester.
  • It is the first event after Zero Hour to feature a non-Marauder jump ship.
  • It is also the first event to feature a hull at a cost of 15 Million Intel.
  • This Event marks the conclusion of the Umbra season.


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