Brutal Gatling Ray Turret

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Gatling Ray Turret   Brutal Gatling Ray Turret

The [Brutal] Gatling Ray Turret is a supercharged version of the relentless Energy weapon. It fires a rapid series of shots which can punch through a single target.
  — In-Game Description 

Stats[edit | edit source]

Brutal Gatling Ray Turret I
DPS 197 Energy 257 Energy 296 Energy
Mass 894 t 1,789 t 2,683 t
Range 0-4,300 m
Speed 4,000 m/s
Spread 5 deg
Piercing 2
Firing Cycle C: 1.0 / F: 4.0 / R: 2.0 / N: 20
Module XP 108,315 XP 186,613 XP 247,614 XP
REUSABLE ITEM ReusableItem.png
Prerequisites None
EQUIP ModuleRefit.png
Time Time.png 1h 19m 10s 11h 52m 50s 1d 7h 40m 50s
Mineral Ore MineralOre.png 1,230,894 11,961,778 14,800,531
Antimatter Antimatter.png 136,765 2,990,445 4,933,511

General[edit | edit source]

The Brutal Gatling Ray Turret is a modified Gatling Ray Turret with greatly increased damage.

Strategy and Setup[edit | edit source]

Advantages[edit | edit source]

Brutal Gatling Ray Turrets have extremely high DPS, allowing them to tear through incoming ships even quicker.

Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

Brutal Gatling Ray Turrets have the same downfalls as the regular version: short range and poor accuracy. To add insult to injury, it weighs more yet still deals less damage than the regular SICO Missile Turret.

Brutal Gatling Ray Turrets also carry a lot of XP, making your base vulnerable to high-level fleets.

Fusion[edit | edit source]

Fusion I -> II II -> III I -> III
RESEARCH ArmsLabResearch.png
Workshop Required IX
Time Time.png 1d 0h 3d 0h 3d 0h
Mineral Ore MineralOre.png 3,686,832 3,917,259 3,917,259
Antimatter Antimatter.png 1,228,944 1,305,753 1,305,753
CRAFT Crafting.png
Time Time.png 6h 00m 1d 12h 2d 0h
Mineral Ore MineralOre.png 921,708 1,958,630 3,802,046
Brutal Gatling Ray Turret 3x Level I 2x Level II 6x Level I
Artefacts AlienArtifact.png 75 150 300

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Brutal Gatling Ray Turret appears identical to Gatling Ray Turret I-III.
  • Brutal weapons are supposed to have less range than normal but the Brutal Gatling Ray Turret is an exception. This could be because it would have such a short range that it would become completely unviable.

Gallery[edit | edit source]