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Blueprints (BPs) are schematics and construction designs detailing the mechanics of an advanced piece of technology. Each blueprint consists of multiple pieces that have to be collected. Once complete, the player can create that item an unlimited of times (in contrast to Reusable Items) as long as they meet the other requirements. These items usually have superior traits or are more specialized than those available for Research.

Apart from ships and equipment, there are also blueprint formations, which allow you to set the initial battle formation of your fleets.

You may define a new item by creating a new page in the Blueprint namespace and including this template.

List of Blueprints[edit | edit source]

Full NameDisplay
Ablative Carapace IAblative Carapace I AblativeCarapace1.png
Ablative Carapace IIAblative Carapace II AblativeCarapace2.png
Ablative Tungsten Armor IAblative Tungsten Armor I AblativeTungstenArmor1.png
Ablative Tungsten Armor IIAblative Tungsten Armor II AblativeTungstenArmor2.png
Agility Field GeneratorAgility Field Generator AgilityFieldGenerator1.png
Antimatter Scoop IAntimatter Scoop I AntimatterScoop1.png
Antimatter Scoop IIAntimatter Scoop II AntimatterScoop2.png
Antimatter Scoop IIIAntimatter Scoop III AntimatterScoop3.png
AP Driver IAP Driver I APDriver1.png
AP Driver IIAP Driver II APDriver2.png
AP Driver IIIAP Driver III APDriver3.png
AP Driver Turret IAP Driver Turret I APDriverTurret1.png
AP Driver Turret IIAP Driver Turret II APDriverTurret2.png
AP Driver Turret IIIAP Driver Turret III APDriverTurret3.png
Arc Missile IArc Missile I ArcMissile1.png
Arc Missile IIArc Missile II ArcMissile2.png
Arc Missile IIIArc Missile III ArcMissile3.png
Arc Missile Turret IArc Missile Turret I ArcMissileTurret1.png
Arc Missile Turret IIArc Missile Turret II ArcMissileTurret2.png
Arc Missile Turret IIIArc Missile Turret III ArcMissileTurret3.png
Archer Beam IArcher Beam I ArcherBeam1.png
Archer Beam IIArcher Beam II ArcherBeam2.png
Archer Beam IIIArcher Beam III ArcherBeam3.png
Armored Hold IArmored Hold I ArmoredHold1.png
Armored Hold IIArmored Hold II ArmoredHold2.png
Armored Hold IIIArmored Hold III ArmoredHold3.png
Armored Thrusters IArmored Thrusters I ArmoredThrusters1.png
Armored Thrusters IIArmored Thrusters II ArmoredThrusters2.png
Armored Thrusters IIIArmored Thrusters III ArmoredThrusters3.png
Arrestor Beam IArrestor Beam I ArrestorBeam1.png
Arrestor Beam IIArrestor Beam II ArrestorBeam2.png
Arrestor Beam IIIArrestor Beam III ArrestorBeam3.png
Arrestor Beam Turret IArrestor Beam Turret I ArrestorBeamTurret1.png
Arrestor Beam Turret IIArrestor Beam Turret II ArrestorBeamTurret2.png
Arrestor Beam Turret IIIArrestor Beam Turret III ArrestorBeamTurret3.png
Astral Driver IAstral Driver I AstralDriver1-KI.png
Astral Driver IIAstral Driver II AstralDriver2-KI.png
Atomic Driver IAtomic Driver I AtomicDriver1-KI.png
Atomic Driver IIAtomic Driver II AtomicDriver2-KI.png
Atomic Driver IIIAtomic Driver III AtomicDriver3-KI.png
Atomic Driver Turret IAtomic Driver Turret I AtomicDriver2-KI.png
Atomic Driver Turret IIAtomic Driver Turret II AtomicDriver3-KI.png
Aurora Ray IAurora Ray I AuroraRay1.png
Aurora Ray IIAurora Ray II AuroraRay2.png
Aurora Ray IIIAurora Ray III AuroraRay3.png
Aurora Ray Turret IAurora Ray Turret I AuroraRayTurret1.png
Aurora Ray Turret IIAurora Ray Turret II AuroraRayTurret2.png
Aurora Ray Turret IIIAurora Ray Turret III AuroraRayTurret3.png
Ballistic Sabot IBallistic Sabot I BallisticSabot1.png
Ballistic Sabot IIBallistic Sabot II BallisticSabot2.png
Ballistic Sabot IIIBallistic Sabot III BallisticSabot3.png
Bayonet Missile IBayonet Missile I BayonetMissile1.png
Bayonet Missile IIBayonet Missile II BayonetMissile2.png
Bayonet Missile IIIBayonet Missile III BayonetMissile3.png
Bayonet Missile Turret IBayonet Missile Turret I BayonetMissileTurret1.png
Bayonet Missile Turret IIBayonet Missile Turret II BayonetMissileTurret2.png
Bayonet Missile Turret IIIBayonet Missile Turret III BayonetMissileTurret3.png
Beam Capacitor IBeam Capacitor I BeamCapacitor1.png
Beam Capacitor IIBeam Capacitor II BeamCapacitor2.png
Beam Capacitor IIIBeam Capacitor III BeamCapacitor3.png
Beam Overcharge Capacitor IBeam Overcharge Capacitor I BeamOverchargeCapacitor1-New.png
Beam Overcharge Capacitor IIBeam Overcharge Capacitor II BeamOverchargeCapacitor2-New.png
Beam Overcharge Capacitor IIIBeam Overcharge Capacitor III BeamOverchargeCapacitor3-New.png
Binary Thrusters IBinary Thrusters I BinaryThrusters1.png
Binary Thrusters IIBinary Thrusters II BinaryThrusters2.png
Binary Thrusters IIIBinary Thrusters III BinaryThrusters3.png
Binary Torpedo IBinary Torpedo I BinaryTorpedo1-EX.png
Binary Torpedo IIBinary Torpedo II BinaryTorpedo2-EX.png
Binary Torpedo IIIBinary Torpedo III BinaryTorpedo3-EX.png
Binary Torpedo Turret IBinary Torpedo Turret I BinaryTorpedo2-EX.png
Binary Torpedo Turret IIBinary Torpedo Turret II BinaryTorpedo3-EX.png
Blast Shield IBlast Shield I BlastShield1.png
Blast Shield IIBlast Shield II BlastShield2.png
Blast Shield IIIBlast Shield III BlastShield3.png
Blaze Phantom IBlaze Phantom I BlazePhantom1.png
Blaze Phantom IIBlaze Phantom II BlazePhantom2.png
Blight Field IBlight Field I BlightShell1.png
Blight Field IIBlight Field II BlightShell2.png
Blight Myr IBlight Myr I Myr1-BL.png
Blight Screen IBlight Screen I BlightScreen1.png
Blight Screen IIBlight Screen II BlightScreen2.png
Blight Screen IIIBlight Screen III BlightScreen3.png
Blister Rounds IBlister Rounds I BlisterRounds1.png
Blister Rounds IIBlister Rounds II BlisterRounds2.png
Blister Rounds IIIBlister Rounds III BlisterRounds3.png
Blitz Thrusters IBlitz Thrusters I BlitzThrusters1.png
Blitz Thrusters IIBlitz Thrusters II BlitzThrusters2.png
Blitz Thrusters IIIBlitz Thrusters III BlitzThrusters3.png
Bombardment Torpedo IBombardment Torpedo I BombardmentTorpedo1.png
Bombardment Torpedo IIBombardment Torpedo II BombardmentTorpedo2.png
Bomber Squadron IBomber Squadron I BomberSquadron1.png
Bomber Squadron IIBomber Squadron II BomberSquadron2.png
Bomber Squadron IIIBomber Squadron III BomberSquadron3.png
Bomber Wing IBomber Wing I BomberWing1.png
Bomber Wing IIBomber Wing II BomberWing2.png
Bomber Wing IIIBomber Wing III BomberWing3.png
Breach Cannon IBreach Cannon I BreachCannon1-EN.png
Breach Cannon IIBreach Cannon II BreachCannon2-EN.png
Brimstone Torpedo IBrimstone Torpedo I BrimstoneTorpedo1.png
Brimstone Torpedo IIBrimstone Torpedo II BrimstoneTorpedo1.png
Brimstone Torpedo IIIBrimstone Torpedo III BrimstoneTorpedo1.png
Brimstone Torpedo Turret IBrimstone Torpedo Turret I BrimstoneTorpedoTurret1.png
Brimstone Torpedo Turret IIBrimstone Torpedo Turret II BrimstoneTorpedoTurret2.png
Brimstone Torpedo Turret IIIBrimstone Torpedo Turret III BrimstoneTorpedoTurret3.png
Burst Ray IBurst Ray I BurstRay1.png
Burst Ray IIBurst Ray II BurstRay2.png
Burst Ray IIIBurst Ray III BurstRay3.png
Burst Ray Turret IBurst Ray Turret I BurstRayTurret1.png
Burst Ray Turret IIBurst Ray Turret II BurstRayTurret2.png
Burst Ray Turret IIIBurst Ray Turret III BurstRayTurret3.png
Capacitive Plates ICapacitive Plates I CapacitivePlates1.png
Capacitive Plates IICapacitive Plates II CapacitivePlates2.png
Capacitive Plates IIICapacitive Plates III CapacitivePlates3.png
Cascade Missile ICascade Missile I CascadeMissile1-EX.png
Cascade Missile IICascade Missile II CascadeMissile2-EX.png
Celestial Optics ICelestial Optics I CelestialOptics1.png
Celestial Optics IICelestial Optics II CelestialOptics2.png
Chase Phantom IChase Phantom I ChasePhantom1.png
Chase Phantom IIChase Phantom II ChasePhantom2.png
Cleave Missile ICleave Missile I CleaveMissile1-KI.png
Cleave Missile IICleave Missile II CleaveMissile2-KI.png
Cluster Missile ICluster Missile I ClusterMissile1.png
Cluster Missile IICluster Missile II ClusterMissile2.png
Cluster Missile IIICluster Missile III ClusterMissile3.png
Creeper Torpedo ICreeper Torpedo I CreeperTorpedo1.png
Creeper Torpedo IICreeper Torpedo II CreeperTorpedo2.png
Creeper Torpedo IIICreeper Torpedo III CreeperTorpedo3.png
Creeper Torpedo Turret ICreeper Torpedo Turret I CreeperTorpedoTurret1.png
Creeper Torpedo Turret IICreeper Torpedo Turret II CreeperTorpedoTurret2.png
Creeper Torpedo Turret IIICreeper Torpedo Turret III CreeperTorpedoTurret3.png
Cyclic Vulcan ICyclic Vulcan I CyclicVulcan1-KI.png
Cyclic Vulcan IICyclic Vulcan II CyclicVulcan2-KI.png
Deflector Barricade Shield IDeflector Barricade Shield I DeflectorBarricadeShield1.png
Deflector Barricade Shield IIDeflector Barricade Shield II DeflectorBarricadeShield2.png
Deflector Screen IDeflector Screen I DeflectorScreen1.png
Deflector Screen IIDeflector Screen II DeflectorScreen2.png
Deflector Screen IIIDeflector Screen III DeflectorScreen3.png
Deflector Shell IDeflector Shell I DeflectorShell1.png
Deflector Shell IIDeflector Shell II DeflectorShell2.png
Deflector Shell IIIDeflector Shell III DeflectorShell3.png
Diffuser Shield IDiffuser Shield I DiffuserShield1.png
Diffuser Shield IIDiffuser Shield II DiffuserShield2.png
Diffuser Shield IIIDiffuser Shield III DiffuserShield3.png
Disintegrator Cannon IDisintegrator Cannon I DisintegratorCannon1.png
Disintegrator Cannon IIDisintegrator Cannon II DisintegratorCannon2.png
Disintegrator Cannon IIIDisintegrator Cannon III DisintegratorCannon3.png
Dyad Beam IDyad Beam I DyadBeam1-EN.png
Dyad Beam IIDyad Beam II DyadBeam2-EN.png
ECHO Ray Turret IECHO Ray Turret I ECHORayTurret1.png
ECHO Ray Turret IIECHO Ray Turret II ECHORayTurret2.png
ECHO Ray Turret IIIECHO Ray Turret III ECHORayTurret3.png
Eclipse Driver IEclipse Driver I EclipseDriver1.png
Eclipse Driver IIEclipse Driver II EclipseDriver2.png
Electric Rails IElectric Rails I ElectricRails1.png
Electric Rails IIElectric Rails II ElectricRails2.png
Electric Rails IIIElectric Rails III ElectricRails3.png
Elite Squadrons IElite Squadrons I EliteSquadrons1.png
Elite Squadrons IIElite Squadrons II EliteSquadrons2.png
Elite Squadrons IIIElite Squadrons III EliteSquadrons3.png
ENAL Heavy Talonite Armor IENAL Heavy Talonite Armor I ENHeavyTaloniteArmor3-AL.png
ENAL Heavy Talonite Armor IIENAL Heavy Talonite Armor II ENHeavyTaloniteArmor4-AL.png
ENAL Tungsten ArmorENAL Tungsten Armor ENALTungstenArmor.png
Epsilon ECHO Cannon IEpsilon ECHO Cannon I EpsilonECHOCannon1-EN.png
Epsilon ECHO Cannon IIEpsilon ECHO Cannon II EpsilonECHOCannon2-EN.png
EXAL Heavy Talonite Armor IEXAL Heavy Talonite Armor I EXHeavyTaloniteArmor3-AL.png
EXAL Heavy Talonite Armor IIEXAL Heavy Talonite Armor II EXHeavyTaloniteArmor4-AL.png
EXAL Tungsten ArmorEXAL Tungsten Armor EXALTungstenArmor.png
Fissure Torpedo IFissure Torpedo I FissureTorpedo1.png
Fissure Torpedo IIFissure Torpedo II FissureTorpedo2.png
Fissure Torpedo IIIFissure Torpedo III FissureTorpedo3.png
Fusion Thrusters IFusion Thrusters I FusionThrusters1.png
Fusion Thrusters IIFusion Thrusters II FusionThrusters2.png
Fusion Thrusters IIIFusion Thrusters III FusionThrusters3.png
Gatling Ray IGatling Ray I GatlingRay1.png
Gatling Ray IIGatling Ray II GatlingRay2.png
Gatling Ray IIIGatling Ray III GatlingRay3.png
Gatling Ray Turret IGatling Ray Turret I GatlingRayTurret1.png
Gatling Ray Turret IIGatling Ray Turret II GatlingRayTurret2.png
Gatling Ray Turret IIIGatling Ray Turret III GatlingRayTurret3.png
Gemini Driver IGemini Driver I GeminiDriver1.png
Gemini Driver IIGemini Driver II GeminiDriver2.png
Gemini Driver IIIGemini Driver III GeminiDriver3.png
Gemini Driver Turret IGemini Driver Turret I GeminiDriverTurret1.png
Gemini Driver Turret IIGemini Driver Turret II GeminiDriverTurret2.png
Gemini Driver Turret IIIGemini Driver Turret III GeminiDriverTurret3.png
Gladius Driver IGladius Driver I GladiusDriver1.png
Gladius Driver IIGladius Driver II GladiusDriver2.png
Gladius Driver IIIGladius Driver III GladiusDriver3.png
Gladius Driver Turret IGladius Driver Turret I GladiusDriverTurret1.png
Gladius Driver Turret IIGladius Driver Turret II GladiusDriverTurret2.png
Gladius Driver Turret IIIGladius Driver Turret III GladiusDriverTurret3.png
Glance Cannon IGlance Cannon I GlanceCannon1-EN.png
Glance Cannon IIGlance Cannon II GlanceCannon2-EN.png
Glance Cannon IIIGlance Cannon III GlanceCannon3-EN.png
Graphene Armor IGraphene Armor I GrapheneArmor1.png
Graphene Armor IIGraphene Armor II GrapheneArmor2.png
Harmonic Agility Field GeneratorHarmonic Agility Field Generator AgilityFieldGenerator2-Harmonic.png
Harmonic Agility ReactorHarmonic Agility Reactor HarmonicAgilityReactor.png
Harmonic Beam Capacitor IHarmonic Beam Capacitor I HarmonicBeamCapacitor1-New.png
Harmonic Beam Capacitor IIHarmonic Beam Capacitor II HarmonicBeamCapacitor2-New.png
Harmonic Beam Capacitor IIIHarmonic Beam Capacitor III HarmonicBeamCapacitor3-New.png
Harmonic Chase Thruster IHarmonic Chase Thruster I HarmonicChaseThruster1.png
Harmonic Chase Thruster IIHarmonic Chase Thruster II HarmonicChaseThruster2.png
Harmonic Chase Thruster IIIHarmonic Chase Thruster III HarmonicChaseThruster3.png
Harmonic Exophase Shield IHarmonic Exophase Shield I HarmonicExophaseShield1.png
Harmonic Exophase Shield IIHarmonic Exophase Shield II HarmonicExophaseShield2.png
Harmonic Exophase Shield IIIHarmonic Exophase Shield III HarmonicExophaseShield3.png
Harmonic Ion Field GeneratorHarmonic Ion Field Generator IonFieldGenerator2-Harmonic.png
Harmonic Phase Shifter GeneratorHarmonic Phase Shifter Generator PhaseShifterGenerator2-Harmonic.png
Harmonic Siege Casing IHarmonic Siege Casing I HarmonicSiegeCasing1.png
Harmonic Siege Casing IIHarmonic Siege Casing II HarmonicSiegeCasing2.png
Harmonic Siege Casing IIIHarmonic Siege Casing III HarmonicSiegeCasing3.png
Harmonic Siege ReactorHarmonic Siege Reactor HarmonicSiegeReactor.png
Harmonic Warfare ReactorHarmonic Warfare Reactor HarmonicWarfareReactor.png
Harmonic Xeno Beam Capacitor IHarmonic Xeno Beam Capacitor I HarmonicXenoBeamCapacitor1.png
Harmonic Xeno Beam Capacitor IIHarmonic Xeno Beam Capacitor II HarmonicXenoBeamCapacitor2.png
Harmonic Xeno Siege Casing IHarmonic Xeno Siege Casing I HarmonicXenoSiegeCasing1.png
Harmonic Xeno Siege Casing IIHarmonic Xeno Siege Casing II HarmonicXenoSiegeCasing2.png
Havoc Cannon IHavoc Cannon I HavocCannon1-EN.png
Havoc Cannon IIHavoc Cannon II HavocCannon2-EN.png
Havoc Cannon IIIHavoc Cannon III HavocCannon3-EN.png
Horde Cannon IHorde Cannon I HordeCannon1-EX.png
Horde Cannon IIHorde Cannon II HordeCannon2-EX.png
Hydra Missile IHydra Missile I HydraMissile1.png
Hydra Missile IIHydra Missile II HydraMissile2.png
Hydra Missile IIIHydra Missile III HydraMissile3.png
Impulse Beam IImpulse Beam I ImpulseBeam1.png
Impulse Beam IIImpulse Beam II ImpulseBeam2.png
Impulse Beam IIIImpulse Beam III ImpulseBeam3.png
Impulse Beam Turret IImpulse Beam Turret I ImpulseBeamTurret1.png
Impulse Beam Turret IIImpulse Beam Turret II ImpulseBeamTurret2.png
Impulse Beam Turret IIIImpulse Beam Turret III ImpulseBeamTurret3.png
Interceptor Squadron IInterceptor Squadron I InterceptorSquadron1.png
Interceptor Squadron IIInterceptor Squadron II InterceptorSquadron2.png
Interceptor Squadron IIIInterceptor Squadron III InterceptorSquadron3.png
Interceptor Wing IInterceptor Wing I InterceptorWing1.png
Interceptor Wing IIInterceptor Wing II InterceptorWing2.png
Interceptor Wing IIIInterceptor Wing III InterceptorWing3.png
Ion Field GeneratorIon Field Generator IonFieldGenerator1.png
Ionized Optics IIonized Optics I IonizedOptics1.png
Ionized Optics IIIonized Optics II IonizedOptics2.png
Ionized Optics IIIIonized Optics III IonizedOptics3.png
KIAL Heavy Talonite Armor IKIAL Heavy Talonite Armor I KIHeavyTaloniteArmor3-AL.png
KIAL Heavy Talonite Armor IIKIAL Heavy Talonite Armor II KIHeavyTaloniteArmor4-AL.png
KIAL Tungsten ArmorKIAL Tungsten Armor KIALTungstenArmor.png
Kinetic Myr IKinetic Myr I Myr1-KI.png
Kinetic Myr IIKinetic Myr II Myr2-KI.png
Kinetic Myr IIIKinetic Myr III Myr3-KI.png
Kinetic Zealot IKinetic Zealot I Zealot1-KI.png
Kinetic Zealot IIKinetic Zealot II Zealot2-KI.png
Kinetic Zealot IIIKinetic Zealot III Zealot3-KI.png
Lancer Driver ILancer Driver I LancerDriver1-KI.png
Lancer Driver IILancer Driver II LancerDriver2-KI.png
Magnetic Collar IMagnetic Collar I MagneticCollar1.png
Magnetic Collar IIMagnetic Collar II MagneticCollar2.png
Magnetic Collar IIIMagnetic Collar III MagneticCollar3.png
Manifold Missile IManifold Missile I ManifoldMissile1.png
Manifold Missile IIManifold Missile II ManifoldMissile2.png
Manifold Missile IIIManifold Missile III ManifoldMissile3.png
Mercury Beam IMercury Beam I MercuryBeam1.png
Mercury Beam IIMercury Beam II MercuryBeam2.png
Mercury Beam IIIMercury Beam III MercuryBeam3.png
Mesh Screen IMesh Screen I MeshScreen1.png
Mesh Screen IIMesh Screen II MeshScreen2.png
Metaphase Field IMetaphase Field I MetaphaseField1.png
Metaphase Field IIMetaphase Field II MetaphaseField2.png
Metaphase Field IIIMetaphase Field III MetaphaseField3.png
Metaphase Shield IMetaphase Shield I MetaphaseShield1.png
Metaphase Shield IIMetaphase Shield II MetaphaseShield2.png
Metaphase Shield IIIMetaphase Shield III MetaphaseShield3.png
NET Burst Torpedo Turret INET Burst Torpedo Turret I NETBurstTorpedo2-EX.png
NET Burst Torpedo Turret IINET Burst Torpedo Turret II NETBurstTorpedo3-EX.png
NET Missile INET Missile I NETMissile1-EX.png
NET Missile IINET Missile II NETMissile2-EX.png
NET Torpedo INET Torpedo I NETTorpedo1.png
NET Torpedo IINET Torpedo II NETTorpedo2.png
NET Torpedo IIINET Torpedo III NETTorpedo3.png
NET Torpedo Turret INET Torpedo Turret I NETTorpedoTurret1.png
NET Torpedo Turret IINET Torpedo Turret II NETTorpedoTurret2.png
NET Torpedo Turret IIINET Torpedo Turret III NETTorpedoTurret3.png
Neutrino Fusion INeutrino Fusion I NeutrinoFusion1.png
Neutrino Fusion IINeutrino Fusion II NeutrinoFusion2.png
Neutrino Fusion IIINeutrino Fusion III NeutrinoFusion3.png
Neutron Driver INeutron Driver I NeutronDriver1.png
Neutron Driver IINeutron Driver II NeutronDriver2.png
Neutron Driver IIINeutron Driver III NeutronDriver3.png
Node Armor INode Armor I NodeArmor1.png
Node Armor IINode Armor II NodeArmor2.png
Nova Cannon INova Cannon I NovaCannon1-EN.png
Nova Cannon IINova Cannon II NovaCannon2-EN.png
Nova Driver INova Driver I NovaDriver1-EX.png
Nova Driver IINova Driver II NovaDriver2-EX.png
Nova Missile INova Missile I NovaMissile1-EX.png
Nova Missile IINova Missile II NovaMissile2-EX.png
Nova Missile IIINova Missile III NovaMissile3-EX.png
Nova Missile Turret INova Missile Turret I NovaMissile2-EX.png
Nova Missile Turret IINova Missile Turret II NovaMissile3-EX.png
Nova Ray INova Ray I NovaRay1.png
Nova Ray IINova Ray II NovaRay2.png
Nova Ray IIINova Ray III NovaRay3.png
Overcharged Warheads IOvercharged Warheads I OverchargedWarheads1.png
Overcharged Warheads IIOvercharged Warheads II OverchargedWarheads2.png
Overcharged Warheads IIIOvercharged Warheads III OverchargedWarheads3.png
Palladium Munition IPalladium Munition I PalladiumMunition1.png
Palladium Munition IIPalladium Munition II PalladiumMunition2.png
Palladium Munition IIIPalladium Munition III PalladiumMunition3.png
Parasitic Armor IParasitic Armor I ParasiticArmor1.png
Parasitic Armor IIParasitic Armor II ParasiticArmor2.png
Paroxysm Cannon IParoxysm Cannon I ParoxysmCannon1-EN.png
Paroxysm Cannon IIParoxysm Cannon II ParoxysmCannon2-EN.png
Phase Charge Relay IPhase Charge Relay I PhaseChargeRelay1.png
Phase Charge Relay IIPhase Charge Relay II PhaseChargeRelay2.png
Phase Drain Buffer IPhase Drain Buffer I PhaseDrainBuffer1.png
Phase Drain Buffer IIPhase Drain Buffer II PhaseDrainBuffer2.png
Phased Magnets IPhased Magnets I PhasedMagnets1.png
Phased Magnets IIPhased Magnets II PhasedMagnets2.png
Phased Magnets IIIPhased Magnets III PhasedMagnets3.png
Phased Solenoid IPhased Solenoid I PhasedSolenoid1.png
Phased Solenoid IIPhased Solenoid II PhasedSolenoid2.png
Phased Solenoid IIIPhased Solenoid III PhasedSolenoid3.png
Pierian FuelPierian Fuel PierianFuel1.png
Plasma Field IPlasma Field I PlasmaShell1.png
Plasma Field IIPlasma Field II PlasmaShell2.png
Plasma Screen IPlasma Screen I PlasmaScreen1.png
Plasma Screen IIPlasma Screen II PlasmaScreen2.png
Plasma Screen IIIPlasma Screen III PlasmaScreen3.png
Plasma Shell IPlasma Shell I PlasmaShell1.png
Plasma Shell IIPlasma Shell II PlasmaShell2.png
Plasma Shell IIIPlasma Shell III PlasmaShell3.png
Prime Vulcan IPrime Vulcan I PrimeVulcan1-KI.png
Prime Vulcan IIPrime Vulcan II PrimeVulcan2-KI.png
Prime Vulcan IIIPrime Vulcan III PrimeVulcan3-KI.png
Pulse Cannon IPulse Cannon I PulseCannon1.png
Pulse Cannon IIPulse Cannon II PulseCannon2.png
Pyro Myr IPyro Myr I Myr1-EX.png
Pyro Myr IIPyro Myr II Myr2-EX.png
Pyro Myr IIIPyro Myr III Myr3-EX.png
Pyro Zealot IPyro Zealot I Zealot1-EX.png
Pyro Zealot IIPyro Zealot II Zealot2-EX.png
Pyro Zealot IIIPyro Zealot III Zealot3-EX.png
Raider Squadron IRaider Squadron I RaiderSquadron1.png
Raider Squadron IIRaider Squadron II RaiderSquadron2.png
Raider Squadron IIIRaider Squadron III RaiderSquadron3.png
Redeemer Missile IRedeemer Missile I RedeemerMissile1.png
Redeemer Missile IIRedeemer Missile II RedeemerMissile2.png
Regeneration Converter IRegeneration Converter I RegenerationConverter1.png
Regeneration Converter IIRegeneration Converter II RegenerationConverter2.png
Regeneration Converter IIIRegeneration Converter III RegenerationConverter3.png
Reinforced Rails IReinforced Rails I ReinforcedRails1.png
Reinforced Rails IIReinforced Rails II ReinforcedRails2.png
Reinforced Rails IIIReinforced Rails III ReinforcedRails3.png
Repulsor Shield IRepulsor Shield I RepulsorShield1.png
Repulsor Shield IIRepulsor Shield II RepulsorShield2.png
Repulsor Shield IIIRepulsor Shield III RepulsorShield3.png
Resolute Shield IResolute Shield I ResoluteShield1.png
Resolute Shield IIResolute Shield II ResoluteShield2.png
Resonant Armor IResonant Armor I ResonantArmor1.png
Resonant Armor IIResonant Armor II ResonantArmor2.png
Resonant Plates IResonant Plates I ResonantArmor1.png
Resonant Plates IIResonant Plates II ResonantArmor2.png
Reverb Ray IReverb Ray I ReverbRay1.png
Reverb Ray IIReverb Ray II ReverbRay2.png
Reverb Ray IIIReverb Ray III ReverbRay3.png
Rife Missile IRife Missile I RifeMissile1-EX.png
Rife Missile IIRife Missile II RifeMissile2-EX.png
Rupture Beam IRupture Beam I RuptureBeam1.png
Rupture Beam IIRupture Beam II RuptureBeam2.png
Rupture Beam IIIRupture Beam III RuptureBeam3.png
Sai Missile ISai Missile I SaiMissile1-EX.png
Sai Missile IISai Missile II SaiMissile2-EX.png
Scale Armor IScale Armor I ScaleArmor1.png
Scale Armor IIScale Armor II ScaleArmor2.png
Seeker Missile ISeeker Missile I SeekerMissile1.png
Seeker Missile IISeeker Missile II SeekerMissile2.png
Seeker Missile IIISeeker Missile III SeekerMissile3.png
Shatter Driver IShatter Driver I ShatterDriver1.png
Shatter Driver IIShatter Driver II ShatterDriver2.png
Shatter Driver IIIShatter Driver III ShatterDriver3.png
Shockwave Barricade Shield IShockwave Barricade Shield I ShockwaveBarricadeShield1.png
Shockwave Barricade Shield IIShockwave Barricade Shield II ShockwaveBarricadeShield2.png
Shockwave Screen IShockwave Screen I ShockwaveScreen1.png
Shockwave Screen IIShockwave Screen II ShockwaveScreen2.png
Shockwave Screen IIIShockwave Screen III ShockwaveScreen3.png
Shockwave Shell IShockwave Shell I ShockwaveShell1.png
Shockwave Shell IIShockwave Shell II ShockwaveShell2.png
Shockwave Shell IIIShockwave Shell III ShockwaveShell3.png
SICO Missile ISICO Missile I SICOMissile1.png
SICO Missile IISICO Missile II SICOMissile2.png
SICO Missile IIISICO Missile III SICOMissile3.png
SICO Missile Turret ISICO Missile Turret I SICOMissileTurret1.png
SICO Missile Turret IISICO Missile Turret II SICOMissileTurret2.png
SICO Missile Turret IIISICO Missile Turret III SICOMissileTurret3.png
Siege Casing ISiege Casing I SiegeCasing1.png
Siege Casing IISiege Casing II SiegeCasing2.png
Siege Casing IIISiege Casing III SiegeCasing3.png
Siege Driver ISiege Driver I SiegeDriver1.png
Siege Driver IISiege Driver II SiegeDriver2.png
Siege Driver IIISiege Driver III SiegeDriver3.png
Skirmish Armor ISkirmish Armor I SkirmishArmor1.png
Skirmish Armor IISkirmish Armor II SkirmishArmor2.png
Skirmish Armor IIISkirmish Armor III SkirmishArmor3.png
Spearhead Augment ISpearhead Augment I SpearheadAugment1.png
Spearhead Augment IISpearhead Augment II SpearheadAugment2.png
Spectral Barricade Shield ISpectral Barricade Shield I SpectralBarricadeShield1.png
Spectral Barricade Shield IISpectral Barricade Shield II SpectralBarricadeShield2.png
Spectral Myr ISpectral Myr I Myr1-EN.png
Spectral Myr IISpectral Myr II Myr2-EN.png
Spectral Myr IIISpectral Myr III Myr3-EN.png
Spectral Screen ISpectral Screen I SpectralScreen1.png
Spectral Screen IISpectral Screen II SpectralScreen2.png
Spectral Screen IIISpectral Screen III SpectralScreen3.png
Spectral Shell ISpectral Shell I SpectralShell1.png
Spectral Shell IISpectral Shell II SpectralShell2.png
Spectral Shell IIISpectral Shell III SpectralShell3.png
Spectral Warheads ISpectral Warheads I SpectralWarheads1.png
Spectral Warheads IISpectral Warheads II SpectralWarheads2.png
Spectral Warheads IIISpectral Warheads III SpectralWarheads3.png
Spectral Zealot ISpectral Zealot I Zealot1-EN.png
Spectral Zealot IISpectral Zealot II Zealot2-EN.png
Spectral Zealot IIISpectral Zealot III Zealot3-EN.png
Spectre Squadron ISpectre Squadron I SpectreSquadron1.png
Spectre Squadron IISpectre Squadron II SpectreSquadron2.png
Spectre Squadron IIISpectre Squadron III SpectreSquadron3.png
Storm Driver IStorm Driver I StormDriver1.png
Storm Driver IIStorm Driver II StormDriver2.png
Storm Driver IIIStorm Driver III StormDriver3.png
Storm Driver Turret IStorm Driver Turret I StormDriverTurret1.png
Storm Driver Turret IIStorm Driver Turret II StormDriverTurret2.png
Storm Driver Turret IIIStorm Driver Turret III StormDriverTurret3.png
Strike Shield IStrike Shield I StrikeShield1.png
Strike Shield IIStrike Shield II StrikeShield2.png
Strike Shield IIIStrike Shield III StrikeShield3.png
Sunder Thruster ISunder Thruster I SunderThruster1.png
Sunder Thruster IISunder Thruster II SunderThruster2.png
Sunder Thruster IIISunder Thruster III SunderThruster3.png
Surge Beam ISurge Beam I SurgeBeam1-EN.png
Surge Beam IISurge Beam II SurgeBeam2-EN.png
Tachyon Beam Turret ITachyon Beam Turret I TachyonBeamTurret1.png
Tachyon Beam Turret IITachyon Beam Turret II TachyonBeamTurret3.png
Tachyon Beam Turret IIITachyon Beam Turret III TachyonBeamTurret2.png
Talonite Armor ITalonite Armor I TaloniteArmor1.png
Talonite Armor IITalonite Armor II TaloniteArmor2.png
Talonite Armor IIITalonite Armor III TaloniteArmor3.png
Talonite Plates ITalonite Plates I TaloniteArmor1.png
Talonite Plates IITalonite Plates II TaloniteArmor2.png
Talonite Plates IIITalonite Plates III TaloniteArmor3.png
Targeting Computer ITargeting Computer I TargetingComputer1.png
Targeting Computer IITargeting Computer II TargetingComputer2.png
Targeting Computer IIITargeting Computer III TargetingComputer3.png
Tempest Driver ITempest Driver I TempestDriver1.png
Tempest Driver IITempest Driver II TempestDriver2.png
Tempest Driver IIITempest Driver III TempestDriver3.png
Tera Cannon ITera Cannon I TeraCannon2-EN.png
Tera Cannon IITera Cannon II TeraCannon3-EN.png
Thermal Beam IThermal Beam I ThermalBeam1.png
Thermal Beam IIThermal Beam II ThermalBeam2.png
Thermal Beam IIIThermal Beam III ThermalBeam3.png
Thermionic Filament IThermionic Filament I ThermionicFilament1.png
Thermionic Filament IIThermionic Filament II ThermionicFilament2.png
Thonian Armor IThonian Armor I ThonianArmor1.png
Thonian Armor IIThonian Armor II ThonianArmor2.png
Tick Cannon ITick Cannon I TickCannon1-EN.png
Tick Cannon IITick Cannon II TickCannon2-EN.png
Tick Cannon IIITick Cannon III TickCannon3-EN.png
Triadic Vulcan ITriadic Vulcan I TriadicVulcan1-KI.png
Triadic Vulcan IITriadic Vulcan II TriadicVulcan2-KI.png
Triadic Vulcan IIITriadic Vulcan III TriadicVulcan3-KI.png
Tungsten Armor ITungsten Armor I TungstenArmor1.png
Tungsten Armor IITungsten Armor II TungstenArmor2.png
Twinfire Beam ITwinfire Beam I TwinfireBeam1.png
Twinfire Beam IITwinfire Beam II TwinfireBeam2.png
Unstable Reactor IUnstable Reactor I UnstableReactor1.png
Unstable Reactor IIUnstable Reactor II UnstableReactor2.png
Unstable Reactor IIIUnstable Reactor III UnstableReactor3.png
Vanguard Augment IVanguard Augment I VanguardAugment1.png
Vanguard Augment IIVanguard Augment II VanguardAugment2.png
Vector Torpedo IVector Torpedo I VectorTorpedo1.png
Vector Torpedo IIVector Torpedo II VectorTorpedo2.png
Vector Torpedo IIIVector Torpedo III VectorTorpedo3.png
Vector Torpedo Turret IVector Torpedo Turret I VectorTorpedoTurret1.png
Vector Torpedo Turret IIVector Torpedo Turret II VectorTorpedoTurret2.png
Vector Torpedo Turret IIIVector Torpedo Turret III VectorTorpedoTurret3.png
Vertex Armor IVertex Armor I VertexArmor1.png
Vertex Armor IIVertex Armor II VertexArmor2.png
Volatile Fuel IVolatile Fuel I VolatileFuel1.png
Volatile Fuel IIVolatile Fuel II VolatileFuel2.png
Volatile Fuel IIIVolatile Fuel III VolatileFuel3.png
Volt Driver IVolt Driver I VoltDriver1-EN.png
Volt Driver IIVolt Driver II VoltDriver2-EN.png
Wave Driver IWave Driver I WaveDriver1.png
Wave Driver IIWave Driver II WaveDriver2.png
Wave Driver IIIWave Driver III WaveDriver3.png
Wave Driver Turret IWave Driver Turret I WaveDriverTurret1.png
Wave Driver Turret IIWave Driver Turret II WaveDriverTurret2.png
Wave Driver Turret IIIWave Driver Turret III WaveDriverTurret3.png
Xeno Armored Hold IXeno Armored Hold I XenoArmoredHold1.png
Xeno Armored Hold IIXeno Armored Hold II XenoArmoredHold2.png
Xeno Armored Hold IIIXeno Armored Hold III XenoArmoredHold3.png
Xeno Armored Thruster IXeno Armored Thruster I XenoArmoredThruster1.png
Xeno Armored Thruster IIXeno Armored Thruster II XenoArmoredThruster2.png
Xeno Armored Thruster IIIXeno Armored Thruster III XenoArmoredThruster3.png
Xeno Beam Capacitor IXeno Beam Capacitor I XenoBeamCapacitor1.png
Xeno Beam Capacitor IIXeno Beam Capacitor II XenoBeamCapacitor2.png
Xeno Bombardment Torpedo IVXeno Bombardment Torpedo IV BombardmentTorpedo3-AL.png
Xeno Cluster Missile IXeno Cluster Missile I ClusterMissile6-AL.png
Xeno Cluster Missile IIXeno Cluster Missile II ClusterMissile7-AL.png
Xeno Eclipse Driver IVXeno Eclipse Driver IV EclipseDriver4-AL.png
Xeno Field IXeno Field I XenoShell1.png
Xeno Field IIXeno Field II XenoShell2.png
Xeno Lancer Driver IVXeno Lancer Driver IV LancerDriver4-AL.png
Xeno Munitions IXeno Munitions I XenoMunitions1.png
Xeno Munitions IIXeno Munitions II XenoMunitions2.png
Xeno Redeemer Missile IVXeno Redeemer Missile IV RedeemerMissile4-AL.png
Xeno Rupture Beam IXeno Rupture Beam I RuptureBeam6-AL.png
Xeno Rupture Beam IIXeno Rupture Beam II RuptureBeam7-AL.png
Xeno Sai Missile IVXeno Sai Missile IV SaiMissile4-AL.png
Xeno Seeker Missile IXeno Seeker Missile I SeekerMissile6-AL.png
Xeno Seeker Missile IIXeno Seeker Missile II SeekerMissile7-AL.png
Xeno Shatter Driver IXeno Shatter Driver I ShatterDriver6-AL.png
Xeno Shatter Driver IIXeno Shatter Driver II ShatterDriver7-AL.png
Xeno Shell IXeno Shell I XenoShell1.png
Xeno Shell IIXeno Shell II XenoShell2.png
Xeno Shell IIIXeno Shell III XenoShell3.png
Xeno Siege Casing IXeno Siege Casing I XenoSiegeCasing1.png
Xeno Siege Casing IIXeno Siege Casing II XenoSiegeCasing2.png
Xeno Surge Beam IVXeno Surge Beam IV SurgeBeam4-AL.png
Xeno Twinfire Beam IVXeno Twinfire Beam IV TwinfireBeam4-AL.png
Xeno Zealot IXeno Zealot I Zealot1-AL.png
Xeno Zealot IIXeno Zealot II Zealot2-AL.png
Xeno Zealot IIIXeno Zealot III Zealot3-AL.png
Zephyr Thruster IZephyr Thruster I ZephyrThruster1.png
Zephyr Thruster IIZephyr Thruster II ZephyrThruster2.png
Zephyr Thruster IIIZephyr Thruster III ZephyrThruster3.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Only technology from the VEGA Federation and more advanced factions exist as blueprints.
  • Higher-level targets in each VEGA/VSec tier used to have greater drop rates. For instance, in VEGA Tier IV, a level 45 target had a better chance of dropping a blueprint piece than a level 40 one.
  • VSec Overwatch fleets were added on December 1, 2014. They frequently appear for one-hour sessions and will attack if you get too close. They are harder to defeat, due to their stronger weaponry, more ships in a fleet, and more advanced technology. The fleets comprise of Corinthian Cruisers, Eagle Frigates, Zeal Battleships and Lance Destroyers.
  • Many blueprints that used to appear in Riots were added to the farmable list in December 2016.
  • On April 3, 2017, a bug happened where all cargo fleets of the highest tier of the blueprint set had a 100% blueprint drop rate.
  • There used to be a streak-breaker, which guaranteed a 100% drop rate after hitting a certain number of targets that have the same loot table. It was originally set at 50, then improved to 15.
  • With the introduction of Deep Space, there now exist regular targets that drop blueprint pieces for A.X.I.S. technology and above. These targets are all suffixed with "Cargo".
  • Blueprints were set to have a 100% drop rate around a week after the late December 2019 update.