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Blueprints (BPs) are schematics and construction designs detailing the mechanics of an advanced piece of technology. While the module requirements are met, obtaining the complete blueprint enables a player to create that item an unlimited of times (in contrast to Reusable Items). These items usually have superior traits or are more specialized than those available for research.

Apart from ships and equipment, there are also blueprint formations, which allow you to set the initial battle formation of your fleets.

You may define a new item by creating a new page in the Blueprint namespace and including this template.

A list of blueprints can be found in Category:Blueprint.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Only technology from the VEGA Federation and more advanced factions exist as blueprints.
  • Higher-level targets in each VEGA/VSec tier used to have greater drop rates. For instance, in VEGA Tier IV, a level 45 target had a better chance of dropping a blueprint piece than a level 40 one.
  • VSec Overwatch fleets were added on December 1, 2014. They frequently appear for one-hour sessions and will attack if you get too close. They are harder to defeat, due to their stronger weaponry, more ships in a fleet, and more advanced technology. The fleets comprise of Corinthian Cruisers, Eagle Frigates, Zeal Battleships and Lance Destroyers.
  • Many blueprints that used to appear in Riots were added to the farmable list in December 2016.
  • On April 3, 2017, a bug happened where all cargo fleets of the highest tier of the blueprint set had a 100% blueprint drop rate.
  • There used to be a streak-breaker, which guaranteed a 100% drop rate after hitting a certain number of targets that have the same loot table. It was originally set at 50, then improved to 15.
  • With the introduction of Deep Space, there now exist regular targets that drop blueprint pieces for A.X.I.S. technology and above. These targets are all suffixed with "Cargo".
  • Blueprints were set to have a 100% drop rate around a week after the late December 2019 update.