Bertram Rumbelow

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Bertram Rumbelow
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VEGA Federation
Vice President

Vice President Bertram Rumbelow was a senior officer in command of the mining operations conducted by the VEGA Federation. During the inception of the Miner Rebellion, he lead several poorly coordinated operations to thwart the uprising.

His failed efforts lead to him being transferred and replace by Bishop and the task of suppressing the Miner Rebellion passed onto VEGA Security.

History[edit | edit source]

Bertram Rumbelow is shown to be high up of the command line of the VEGA Federation prior to his major downfall.

In the Retribution event, Bertram is shown to be overconfident about capturing the mystery voice and has not shown any remorse for those who died in the operation.

During Deception event, more fleets were further lost, and he got even angrier. After Crackdown event, his failure to protect the masses of VEGA fleets being destroyed has possibly made him lose his rank as Senior Vice President.

After the failure of Crackdown event, he sent an angry message to all the rebels that he will get his revenge, suggesting the VEGA Corporation terminated him and he's no longer part of the VEGA Corporation. Some rebels believe he has gotten the revenge he wanted once the VEGA Corporation introduced new fleets called VEGA Security. These fleets are more aggressive towards miners and will attack anyone close to them, taking the fleets' crews and destroying their ships in the process. VSec has proven either that Rumbelow is stepping up his game, or that VEGA is no longer sitting on their hands as rebels steal their cargo. Up until his termination, he was the primary antagonist.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Bertram Rumbelow is an obese overweight man of Caucasian descent who takes himself very seriously to an amusing and pathetic extent. He is known to have trouble standing up for a prolonged period of time when he was standing up in his office with his back facing towards the entrance in a theatrical manner, waiting for his subordinate, Vorzer to meet with him.

Rumbelow is known to be upset easily in a childish manner and have a short temper, particularly when his efforts to quell the Miner Rebellion in its early stages were thwarted in a mocking manner. As more and more technologies developed by the VEGA Corporation fell in the Miner Rebellion's hands, he became increasingly incompetent and refused to acknowledge the rebel's tenacity despite Vorzer's heeding him to be more cautious.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He was derogatively referred as three chins in reference to his overweight body.
  • Bertram Rumbelow being senior vice president makes him the second-in-command of the VEGA Corporation's outer mining operations prior to his termination.
  • It is unknown who is the president of the VEGA Federation is other than that the leader or leaders of the VEGA Federation are known has the "Head Office".

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