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Event Overview[edit | edit source]

Steady yourselves rebels, this will be a grueling front.
  — Sybil 
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Event Quotes[edit | edit source]


Foolish inhabitants of the Void, do you not hear the song? Your pathetic alliance with Iron Star will be shattered in the battle to come. This is the true prophecy of the Amber, and what the others failed to understand! End transmission.
  — Bishop 

Wonderful, now that Bishop has taken leave of his senses, nothing stands on our way. I'll contact Keres and get an update on the situation. If Bishop is still broadcasting, we may be able to pinpoint his location and take him down for good. I'll be in touch, rebels.
  — Larus 

Allies of the Iron Star Company.

Unfortunate news, my friends. We have made our way deep into VEGA controlled territory. At first, resistance was weak and we were confident. Now, we find ourselves under attack almost constantly.

Iron Star will continue to hold out, for now.
  — Keres R.I. 

Iron Star is under attack? That doesn't seem possible - VSec was scattered and disorganized. Unless... No, they couldn't have made such progress. Sorry, I'm rambling. For now, prepare your fleets. If VSec has found their second wind, we want to be ready.
  — Larus 

I believe Iron Star is attempting to communicate with us, but the transmissions are barely detectible. Their signal is most likely being jammed at the source location. I suspect they are under attack. We should prepare ourselves for combat, Commander.
  — Sybil 

Description[edit | edit source]

Iron Star is facing increasing VEGA Security attacks despite their early victories, and one of their divisions goes missing.
  — In-Game Description 

Backlash is the 16th major event to partake in VEGA Conflict. This event is the first to feature a store, containing both classic and new content, players spend points to obtain prizes they want instead of using the points to reach a certain tier.

Event Information[edit | edit source]

END TIME 3:00 pm PDT
START DATE Thursday, January 7, 2016
END DATE Monday, January 11, 2016
EVENT TYPE Attack + Defend VSec Reclaimer Fleets (Attack), VSec Siege Fleets (Defend)
DEUTERAGONIST Larus, Iron Star Company
DURATION OF EVENT 4 Days Event Shop closes Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Event Prizes[edit | edit source]

New Prizes Returning Prizes Amount of Supplies
Binary Thrusters I NET Torpedo Turret I Interceptor Squadrons I Aurora Ray I 25,000
Binary Thrusters II NET Torpedo Turret II Interceptor Squadrons II Aurora Ray II 125,000
Binary Thrusters III NET Torpedo Turret III Interceptor Squadrons III Aurora Ray III 375,000
Hurricane Frigate Ragnarok Carrier 1,350,000
Tier 3-4 Core Strongbox 110,000
Tier 2-3 Core Strongbox 55,000


Fleet Level Amount of Supplies Received
25 740
35 1,650
40 3,300
45 7,200
50 16,390
55 38,330
60 89,640


Base Level Amount of Supplies Received
20 4,000
21 5,800
22 7,600
23 9,400
24 11,200
25 13,000
26 14,800
27 16,600
28 18,400
29 20,200
30 22,000
31 23,800
32 25,600
33 27,400
34 29,200
35 31,000
36 32,800
37 34,600
38 36,400
39 38,200
40 40,000
41 40,920
42 41,880
43 42,800
44 43,720
45 44,680
46 45,600
47 46,520
48 47,480
49 48,400
50 49,320

Fleet Layouts[edit | edit source]

For more information about the event fleet layouts, please refer here: Main Event Targets/Iron Star

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The increased amount of points required to earn a prize from Tier 1-4 was increased to 1,875,000, making many players angry that they had to farm more points.
  • This event was the first to feature a store where players could spend the points they had for prizes.
  • This event reused the event fleet from Revenge, players who fought in that event will find this event easy.
  • The total cost to get all the prizes in this event, excluding the boxes was 3,750,000 points.
  • In this event, Kixeye buffed the level 60 event fleets because they thought it was too easy, resulting in many players angry at kixeye for doing so.

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Video[edit | edit source]


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