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Atomic Driver   Atomic Driver Turret

Atomic Driver   Blight Atomic Driver

The Atomic Driver fires a slow, large single payload with a large Kinetic AoE impact.
  — In-Game Description 

Stats[edit | edit source]

Atomic Driver I
DPS 253 Kinetic 317 Kinetic 380 Kinetic 507 Kinetic
Mass 2,602 t 3,222 t 3,585 t 5,249 t
Range 3,000-5,200 m
Projectile Range 5,980 m
Speed 850 m/s
AoE Radius 450 m
Spread 2 deg
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 0.0 / R: 2.6 / N: 1
Restricted to AltairiansUmbraPharmakonSpectre
Hull XP 17,600 XP 20,217 XP 24,890 XP 28,591 XP
BLUEPRINT CompleteBlueprint.png
Farming Tier Umbra Hunter Cargo Umbra Hunter Cargo Umbra Hunter Cargo N/A
Pieces 4 4 5 N/A
Arms Lab Required XI XII XII N/A
REUSABLE ITEM ReusableItem.png
Arms Lab Required N/A N/A N/A XII
CRAFT Crafting.png
Fragments Fragment.png 150
EQUIP ModuleRefit.png
Time Time.png 6h 15m 9h 15m 13h 30m 1d 0h
Helium-3 Helium3.png 9,763,250 13,961,448 18,159,645 22,357,843
Antimatter Antimatter.png 2,789,500 3,988,985 5,188,470 6,387,955

General[edit | edit source]

The Atomic Driver is the Umbra's successor to the Neutron Driver, a projectile weapon with long range designed to deal a large amount of area of effect kinetic damage from afar.

Strategy and Setup[edit | edit source]

Advantages[edit | edit source]

Much like most of the projectile weapons before it, the Atomic Driver has a long range, and with its large area of effect radius as well, this makes the weapon very effective against clustered groups of slow moving targets or base modules.

The weapon can be further boosted with specials that increase its projectile speed such as Iridium Magnets, allowing it to travel much faster and hit its targets with much better accuracy. It is also suspected that the Atomic Driver has Ablative bypass, although that is yet to be confirmed.

Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

The Atomic Driver's firing cycle makes it ill suited against killing squadrons, and it still has a relatively low projectile speed as compared to weapons like the Eclipse Driver, making it relatively easy for most ships to dodge it, thus relagating its role to more of basing than fvf combat.

The Atomic Driver also has a large minimum range, necessitating the need for other weapons in order to ensure that enemy ships do not take advantage of its blind spot. It is also restricted to Umbra Hulls as well.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The weapon originally had a cooldown time of 5.0 s, that has been drastically reduced to better synergize with the Medusa Destroyer's Gorgon Gaze.
  • This weapon was retroactively unlocked to the Altairians in the first January 2019 update.

Gallery[edit | edit source]