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EVENT OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]


What rises from the Ashes?
  — Event Desription 

On-Wah is gone. And with him, the mighty Altairian civilization.

Ny'tah has powered down the Titan planet destroyer and honors her truce, but many of her fellow survivors defy her, blaming humans and attacking us indscriminately.

As the smoke clears from the single most destructive war in our history, what rises from the ashes?

Venturing into the Void, Ashes float by as we see a red glow in the distance. Prepare yourselves as we venture into the unknown.

DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

Ashes is the 47th event in VEGA Conflict. It unofficially introduces the new Tier 7.5 faction, and acts as a catch up event for the Altairian Season.

EVENT QUOTES[edit | edit source]



A... large group of my sister's forces have mutinied. Ny'tah's choice to honour the truce despite recent human raids have caused internal friction#n#n-n in this time of grief for ourpeople. Further, scouts have disappeared on the Persei fringes, near the abandoned VEGA bases there.

I've communicated that they were the work of maraud#d#ding theives rather than your people, so know that if you are attacked by Oligarch Flee#e#ets, they are not ours... Strange, your comms are unusually noisy, are you experiencing difficulties r#receiving this?

// Jo## the V@#_-nteer ##-_tia, pr#Aect yo#\\ s_-tors, Def#@t the @@-_irian i--_ders - Pa## tra_-@r##sions fo##-_en, crim#-al #@@ords expu_-ed, Hu@#\\nki-d sta--_-s as #@e - //


Th#s is Larus, T//e rest of the rebel comms seem to be down so I'm messaging you directly; There's something odd going on inside VEGA Command. My contact#t#ts there all tell the same story: increasingly irregular activity among upper m#management, strange meetings, entire departments going dark, and the relocation of many human resources toward the star system Algol.

The collapse of VEGA management would be cause for celebration, but something doesn't feel right about this. L#t me know if you can get through to Burr.

// Am-_##ty and cl@@-_ency, of-_--ial P#rd_ns fr-m the VE#A Fe@@-at\\on - Hu@\\ity ri/||s f#m the #@hes - it i-__#me fo@ un_ty, it #s tim# for sol_darity //


This is Burr, can y#u hear me n-now? Looks like some@ne is overloading data t-through the abandoned subspace channels we've been pirating our comms network on. Engine-e-e-e_ers have isolated it, but for now it's still going to i//#nterfere with certain frequencies. It's not signal jamming per se, but it's definitely get@#ing scrambled by our ciphers; they're trying to get a fix. Is this the work of the Altairians Klavic warned us about?

// Pu## b@-k th- Ali#n Sco#rge, Re#la\\m o@ \\ secto_s, Hu#@_--y Re\#rn - Yo#r Ex-##_ise, #3@A's Res#ur-es, To__t#er H-m#_nity rises fr@ the A#_es - //


Engineers have cleaned up the 'amnesty' broadcast, it contains strategic intel on Altairian and Xeno movements. It also has what looks to be analysis of an entirely unknown hull. It's such an intriguing looking frigate... but surely this has to be a trap? VEGA has offered amnesty for help before, but never freely like this... and this message was delivered so strangely.

//Join the Vol@nteer Militia, protect yo#r sectors, Defeat the Altair#an Invaders and reap the rewa#ds - Past transgressions forg_ven, criminal records expunged, Humank@nd stands as one - //


Larus again - There's no doubt this 'Phoenix' frigate of theirs was derived from my old Blood Raven; outwardly its unmistakably similar, though under the hood this is a whole new kind of monster...

What are they up to? Surely they've seen....?

Maybe our attention has been on the Altairians for too long ... We've got one department offering exchange of technology, no strings attached, while another remains aggressive, their ships still patrolling your sectors, attacking Rebels. Are VEGA fracturing from the inside?

//The Great Amnesty is here. We offer clemency and official pardons from the VEGA Federation - Humanity rises from the Ashes - It is time for unity, it is time for solidarity - //

EVENT DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

END TIME 4:00 pm PST
START DATE July 19, 2018
END DATE July 23, 2018
EVENT TYPE Attack Altairian Vanguard, Altairian Brigade, Altairian Regiment, Altairian Outpost, Altairian Mothership, Altairian Fortress
Defend Alien Aggressor
ANTAGONIST Altairians (Oligarchs)
DEUTERAGONIST Miner Rebellion, Altairians (Heralds)
EVENT DURATION 4 days Event Store Closes on July 24, 2018

EVENT PRIZES[edit | edit source]

Equipment Credits Amount of Intel
Palladium Munition I Credit 500,000
Neutrino Fusion I Credit
Beam Overcharge Capacitor I Credit
Regeneration Converter I Credit
Zephyr Thruster I Credit
Phased Solenoid I Credit
Ballistic Sabot I Credit
Palladium Munition II Credit 750,000
Neutrino Fusion II Credit
Beam Overcharge Capacitor II Credit
Regeneration Converter II Credit
Zephyr Thruster II Credit
Phased Solenoid II Credit
Ballistic Sabot II Credit
Palladium Munition III Credit 1,000,000
Neutrino Fusion III Credit
Beam Overcharge Capacitor III Credit
Regeneration Converter III Credit
Zephyr Thruster III Credit
Phased Solenoid III Credit
Ballistic Sabot III Credit

Elite Credits Amount of Intel
Punisher Cruiser Elite Credit 250,000
Decimator Cutter Elite Credit
Annihilator Battleship Elite Credit
Exterminator Destroyer Elite Credit
Suppressor Elite Credit

Tokens Amount of Intel
24h Xeno Ship Refit 150,000
24h Xeno Ship Build
24h AXIS Ship Refit 250,000
24h AXIS Ship Build

Hull Blueprints/Blueprint Pieces Amount of Intel
Bastion Cruiser Blueprint Piece (Max. 6) 375,000
Paragon Battleship Blueprint Piece
Cavalier Cutter Blueprint Piece
Inquisitor Destroyer Blueprint Piece (Max. 6)
Sovereign Carrier Blueprint Piece (Max. 6) 500,000

New Hull Blueprint prizes Amount of Intel
Phoenix Frigate Blueprint 2,500,000

Target Payouts[edit | edit source]

Standard Targets
Target Level AXIS Deceiver Blitz AXIS Deceiver Altairian Vanguard Blitz Altairian Vanguard Altairian Brigade Blitz Altairian Brigade Altairian Regiment Blitz Altairian Regiment Altairian Outpost Blitz Altairian Outpost
50 2,000 + Annihilator Mk II Box --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
60 6,000 + Annihilator Mk III Box --- 19,000 + ENAL Heavy Talonite Plates II RI --- 19,000 + Hunter Wing I RI --- 19,000 + EXAL Heavy Talonite Plates II RI --- --- ---
65 --- 22,500 + Hunter Wing RI --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
70 10,000 + Annihilator Mk IV Box --- 40,000 + Bastion Mk II Box + 2x XEpsilon Fragments --- 40,000 + Paragon Mk II Box + 2x XSai Fragments --- 40,000 + Cavalier Mk II Box + 2x XSurge Fragments --- 40,000 + Inquisitor Mk II Box + 2x XLancer Fragments ---
80 --- --- 100,000 + Bastion Mk III Box + 6x XEpsilon Fragments --- 100,000 + Paragon Mk III Box + 6x XSai Fragments --- 100,000 + Cavalier Mk III Box + 6x XSurge Fragments --- 100,000 + Inquisitor Mk III Box + 6x XLancer Fragments ---
90 --- --- 200,000 + Bastion Mk IV Box + 15x XEpsilon Fragments --- 200,000 + Paragon Mk IV Box + 15x XSai Fragments --- 200,000 + Cavalier Mk IV Box + 15x XSurge Fragments --- 200,000 + Inquisitor Mk IV Box + 15x XLancer Fragments ---
100 --- --- --- 400,000 + 30x XEpsilon Fragments + 30x Bastion Elite Fragments --- 400,000 + 30x XSai Fragments + 30x Paragon Elite Fragments --- 400,000 + 30x XSurge Fragments + 30x Cavalier Elite Fragments --- 400,000 + 30x XLancer Fragments + 30x Inquisitor Elite Fragments
110 --- --- 1,000,000 + Bastion Mk V Box + 50x XEpsilon Fragments + 90x Cavalier Elite Fragments --- 1,000,000 + Paragon Mk V Box + 50x XSai Fragments + 90x Bastion Elite Fragments --- 1,000,000 + Cavalier Mk V Box + 50x XSurge Fragments + 90x Paragon Elite Fragments --- 1,000,000 + Inquisitor Mk V Box + 50x XLancer Fragments + 90x Inquisitor Elite Fragments ---

Boss Targets
Target Level Altairian Mothership Blitz Altairian Mothership Elite Altairian Fortress
100 1,000,000 + 2x Sovereign Mk II Box + 50x XCyclotron Fragments + 50x Sovereign Elite Fragments 800,000 + 75x XCyclotron Fragments + 75x Sovereign Elite Fragments 900,000 + Inquisitor Mk III Box + Inquisitor Mk IV Box + 30x XLancer Fragments
110 1,500,000 + Sovereign Mk III Box + Sovereign Mk IV Box + 100x XCyclotron Fragments + 100x Sovereign Elite Fragments --- ---
120 1,750,000 + Sovereign Mk IV Box + Sovereign Mk V Box + 130x XCyclotron Fragments + 130x Sovereign Elite Fragments --- ---
140 (Elite) 2,000,000 + Sovereign Mk III Box + Sovereign Mk IV Box + Sovereign Mk V Box + 150x Sovereign Elite Fragments --- ---

For more information on the event targets, click here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This Event unofficially introduces the Umbra with the Phoenix Frigate.

Deciphered Transmissions[edit | edit source]

Join the Volunteer militia, protect your sectors, defeat the Altairian Invaders, past transgressions forgiven, criminal records expunged, humankind stands as one
  — 1st Transmission 

Amnesty and clemency, official pardons from the VEGA Federation - Humankind rises from the ashes - it is time for unity, it is time for solidarity.
  — 2nd Transmission 

Push back the Alien Scourge, Reclaim our Sectors, Humanity return your exercise, VEGA's Resources, together Humanity rises from the ashes.
  — 3rd Transmission 

This is a list of the "decoded transmissions" from the event quotes.

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