Altairian Ship Specials

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General[edit | edit source]

Altairian ship specials that were developed by the Altairians. They are Altairian-hull exclusive and cannot be equipped on any other ship.

Weapon Boosts[edit | edit source]


Neutrino Fusion

Grants Missile weapons increased projectile speed, at the cost of Splash radius.

Palladium Munition

Grants Missile weapons increased shield bypass at the cost of splash radius.

Beam Overcharge Capacitor

Extends the overcharge duration of beam weapons. Does not apply to beam weapons without it.

Ballistic Sabot

Grants Driver Weapons increased projectile range at the cost of targeting range.

Phased Solenoid

Grants Driver Weapons increased projectile speed and shield bypass at the cost of shield energy.

Thrusters[edit | edit source]


Zephyr Thruster

The Altairian thruster, does not take up any ship mass but siphons shield energy to power it instead.

Utility[edit | edit source]


Regeneration Converter

Siphons energy from shields in order to give them the ability to recharge.

Overdrive Generators[edit | edit source]


Enguard Overdrive Generator

The first Altairian field generator, granting a carrier the Enguard Overdrive, which improves both defensive and offensive abilities of the flagship and fleet when multiple targets are within firing range.

Riposte Overdrive Generator

The second Altairian Field Generator, granting a carrier the Riposte Overdrive, which significantly improves the shield defense of the flagship and fleet while boosting their DPS, whenever the carrier takes hull damage.