Alien Hulls

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Overview[edit | edit source]

This page lists all the hulls of Alien origin. They do not have any shields and are equipped with their own unique squadrons and weapons. Currently none of their ships are obtainable. It should be noted that all Alien hulls have a 360 Degree Firing Arc.

Alien Hive
The first alien hull to appear, slow moving and near immobile, utilize a defense pattern in their attacks by relying on the dozens of strikecraft or powerful weapons on them. Occasionally armed with weapons in the form of green orbs for self defense. Usually appear in groups of 2 or 3.
Alien Reaper
Fast and small Alien hull that is designed for swift takedowns of enemy ships. Armed with various short to mid-range weapon systems. Usually appear in groups.
Ancient Reaper
The deadly Ancient version of the Reaper it with advanced plasma weapon systems that does massive damage. It is sometimes guarded by and can spawn Reapers with it as well.
Ancient Hive
A bigger and even more terrifying version of the Alien Hive, with many Plasma-based weapon systems as well as the ability to spawn Barrage Hives around it. This Construct is not to be taken lightly.
An Alien capital ship, armed with many weapon systems and capable of deploying many squadrons to destroy its enemies.
Ancient Harvester
A much more advanced Alien capital ship, armed with an array of advanced weapon systems and capable of deploying squadrons as well.