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Alien Armageddon   Alien Armageddon (Bounty)

Event Information[edit | edit source]

This is the Alien Bounty-like leaderboard for Alien Armageddon. Officially, it is named "Galaxy Defense".

Earning Score[edit | edit source]

Other than Alien Aggressors, all targets that contain Intel also grant score. The score/intel ratio is 1:1000.

Event Details[edit | edit source]

Personal Leaderboard[edit | edit source]

Personal Rank Required Score Prizes
1 318,348 Coins x10,000
24h Ship Refit Token x6
2 297,180 Coins x5,500
24h Ship Refit Token x4
3 287,896 Coins x3,500
24h Ship Refit Token x3
4-10 144,226 Coins x2,500
24h Ship Refit Token x2
11-30 72,660 Coins x2,000
24h Ship Refit Token x1
31-80 42,393 Coins x1,600
12h Ship Refit Token x1
81-180 26,141 Coins x1,200
8h Ship Refit Token x1
181-350 16,435 Coins x800
4h Ship Refit Token x1
351-700 9,750 Coins x400
1h Ship Refit Token x3
701-1200 6,390 Coins x200
1h Ship Refit Token x3
1201-2200 3,665 Coins x100
1h Ship Refit Token x2
2201-3800 1,950 Coins x50
1h Ship Refit Token x2
3801-6800 605 Coins x25
1h Ship Refit Token x1

Alliance Leaderboard[edit | edit source]

Alliance Rank Prizes
1 1h Ship Build Token x18
2 1h Ship Build Token x14
3 1h Ship Build Token x12
4 1h Ship Build Token x8
5 1h Ship Build Token x6
6-7 1h Ship Build Token x4
8-10 1h Ship Build Token x2
11-20 1h Ship Build Token x1

Sector Leaderboard[edit | edit source]

Sector Rank Prizes
1 Blood Amber x280
1h Ship Refit Token x18
2 Blood Amber x220
1h Ship Refit Token x14
3 Blood Amber x200
1h Ship Refit Token x12
4 Blood Amber x180
1h Ship Refit Token x8
5 Blood Amber x160
1h Ship Refit Token x6
6-7 Blood Amber x140
1h Ship Refit Token x4
8-10 Blood Amber x120
1h Ship Refit Token x2
11-15 Blood Amber x100
1h Ship Refit Token x1
16-25 Blood Amber x80
1h Ship Refit Token x1
26-48 Blood Amber x60
1h Ship Refit Token x1

Galaxy Leaderboard[edit | edit source]

Galaxy Rank Score (Galaxy Name) Fate
1 7,246,991 (0k) Successful defense
2 7,151,323 (1k) Successful defense
3 5,031,414 (12k) Successful defense
4 4,412,839 (13k) Closed from December 12, 8PM PDT onwards
5 4,355,870 (5k) Closed from December 12, 8PM PDT onwards
6 2,973,606 (4k) Closed from December 12, 8PM PDT onwards
7 2,499,532 (2k) Closed from December 12, 8PM PDT onwards
8 1,164,368 (3k) Closed from December 12, 8PM PDT onwards


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