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Algol is a merchant, who previously worked for the VEGA Federation. He is insane, deranged, often muttering nonsense. He is part of the markets and the only known individual to destroy Blood Amber.

History[edit | edit source]

Little is known about him, but he has sent an anonymous message to the rebels warning them that Blood Amber must be destroyed and that it is a curse.

He appears to heavily detest Larus and is spreading rumours about him to the rebels. In Face Off event, he almost won rebel support over Larus but was ultimately rejected in the end. However, Bishop mentions later that Algol is a criminal. Algol eventually returns at one point and continues to offer help to rebels who are finding Larus increasingly incompetent by the day.

He is absolutely terrified of the Alien fleets, having met them before.

During the 4th Alliance War, it was revealed that he was worshipped by the Marauders as a prophet, most notably the Marauder Clan known as the Golden Wolves.

He also confessed to Rhea Dage, that he was responsible for implanting the rogue directives in Sybil, causing Sybil to go rogue and frame her.

Algol has since locked himself in an airlock to protect himself from Rhea Dage as she was about to vent her frustration. He begged her to listen to reason, although what he says seems to be incoherent, speaking about the "Voice" needing Rhea, hence why he framed Sybil so he could get ahold of Rhea Dage.

After Rhea calmed down, she took a closer look at the symbols and carvings he made in his quarters, which spoke of some sort of device.

After assembling it, the device resonated with the Blood Amber, as well as Algol, and thus caused worm like creatures to emerge from his body. Rhea and Skoll quickly reacted to destroy the device as well as the worms, although Algol was left in a critical condition. Skoll is watching over him.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Bald, thin with constellations of stars tattooed all over his skin. Algol has a bizarre appearance and unstable mental state. At times, he often babbles incoherently in agitation. He does have periods of sanity where he purchases Blood Amber and destroys it. He speaks in a whispering, foreboding hiss at times.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Algol's name means "The Demon", in Arabic, which might explain his look or intentions. There is also a star known as Algol in the constellation Perseus.

Gallery[edit | edit source]